Summary: Questions for application in small group Bible study

Romans 5 v 6 ¡V 8.


Read Ch 5: 1-5. Recap from last week, focusing on two issues:

i) Peace. We¡¦re at peace with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

ii) Sufferings. Obviously being experienced then (and now) but Paul highlights God use of these sufferings „_ perseverance „_ character „_ hope.

Q. What do we hope for?

Christian hope:

i) present ¡V God¡¦s love given now, God¡¦s grace imparted now, refined. All free

ii) future ¡V heaven. What¡¦s this like? Do we have this hope? What¡¦s it based on? Any verses?

Verses 6 ¡V 8.

Read the verses. As we¡¦ll see these verses link in with verses 1 ¡V 5 (¡ see¡K)

Verse 6. Paul starts here with what we were. Scriptures paint a stark picture: powerless, helpless, asleep, dead, captives, imprisoned, enslaved.

¡§Time Gentlemen Please¡¨

¡Kat just the right time¡K. Paul shows that Christ¡¦s death with all under his timing.

Mark 1:15

Gal 4:4

Eph 1:10

Q. Why did this all take place 2000 years ago? Why not now?

Example of Esther. Read Esther 4:12-14.

Christ died for the ungodly.

Verse 7 unpacks all this.

-unrighteous man (ungodly)

-righteous man (cold, clinical)

-good man (warm, appealing)

Not only was Jesus prepared to risk dying but was willing to knowingly die.

Verse 8: God¡¦s love (a summary of verses 1-7).

Paul now reaches the conclusion of his teachings: here is God¡¦s love demonstrated. Christ dying for the ungodly. Faith. Hope. Love.

John 3:16 (faith, hope, love)

John 15:13

1 Pet 3:18

1 John 3:16 (note example to us)

1 John 4:10

Is this all dry theory or is there a purpose to all this? This all refers back to verse 3¡Kour sufferings. Paul has expanded his teaching here to encourage us.

-objectively in history

-subjectively in our own experience.

Suffering is the proving ground, the arena, in which God¡¦s love is shown, evidenced, experienced.

Q. Can you give an example where God has revealed his love to you through suffering?

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