Summary: It is amazing to see who and what God uses to tell people about Him.

This was adapted from a Maze Jackson Outline...

7 Strange Preachers – 10th February 2008 pm

Matthew 3:1-5

Intro: John the Baptist was a strange preacher!

1. He had a strange message.

2. He had a strange pulpit.

3. He had a strange from of dress.

Let’s notice some other strange preachers in the Bible.

I. Noah’s Dove - Gen. 8:11

The dove brought a message about the faithfulness of God

Though the ark had rested safely, Noah was waiting for the Lord to tell him what to do. He waited forty days and then sent out the raven, and being an unclean carrion-eating bird it felt right at home among the floating carcasses.

Noah waited a week and then sent out a dove, which, being a clean bird, found no place to land, so it returned to the ark. A week later Noah sent the dove out again, and when it returned with a fresh olive leaf, Noah knew that the plants were growing and fresh life had appeared on earth.

After being confined to the ark for over a year, he and his family must have been desperate to get back onto dry land, but they waited for God’s directions. Obedient faith is our response to God’s Word, for Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. (Rom 10:17)

God rewarded Noah’s faith, and the faith of his family, by caring for them in the ark for over a year and then preparing the earth for them so that they could leave the ark.

Do you ever question God’s faithfulness? I wonder how many times the family questioned – how they must have felt when the dove came back with that branch – God is faithful…

II. Balaam’s Donkey - Num. 22:28

The donkey brought a message of rebuke.

God was angry at Balaam for defying His will and allowing the love of money to control him. We something use the phrase “dumb animals,” but in this case the animal was smarter than her master and his two servants. She saw the angel of the Lord holding a sword and blocking the way, and by turning aside, she saved Balaam’s life.

Three times she changed directions and three times her master beat her. Balaam was beside himself with anger; and had he been armed, he would have killed his faithful beast. 2 Peter 2:16 But was rebuked for his iniquity: the dumb ass speaking with man’s voice forbad the madness of the prophet.

Have you ever wondered why Balaam wasn’t shocked when the donkey talked? 2 Peter 2:16 tells us that the donkey spoke with a man’s voice… This was definitely not an everyday occurrence even for a professional soothsayer. Satan spoke through a serpent when he deceived Eve, maybe in the past Satan’s demons had spoken to Balaam through animals???

A person has reached a very low level in life if God has to use a brute beast to communicate His mind..

III. Elijah’s Ravens - 1 Kings 17:6

The ravens brought the message of Romans 8:28.

The Lord had a special hiding place for Elijah by a brook east of the Jordan and He also had some unusual servants prepared to feed him. The Lord usually leads His faithful people a step at a time. God didn’t give Elijah a three-year schedule to follow. Instead, He directed his servant at each critical point in his journey, and Elijah obeyed by faith.

At the brook Cherith Elijah had safety and sustenance. Until it dried up the brook provided water, and each morning and evening the ravens brought him meat. The ravens were considered unclean and detestable on the Mosaic list of forbidden foods, yet God used these birds to sustain the life of his servant.

The Lord provided the food and the ravens provided the transportation. Just as God dropped manna into the camp of Israel during their wilderness journey, so He sent the necessary food to Elijah as he waited for the signal to relocate.

As the drought grew worse, the brook dried up, leaving the prophet without water; but he never made a move until the Word of the Lord came to tell him what to do. It has been said that the will of God will never lead us where the grace of God cannot keep us and care for us, and Elijah knew this from experience, (Is 33:15-16)

IV. The Rich Man’s Dogs - Luke 16:21

The dogs brought a message of compassion.

Lazarus was sick and possibly crippled, because he was “laid” at the rich man’s gate daily. The only attention he got was from the dogs. The rich man could have easily assisted Lazarus, but he ignored him and went on enjoying his riches. Life was comfortable for him.

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