Summary: It is so important to hear the voice of God today. I know many have preached on this before. This is my offering.

Mark 4:9 (KJV) And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

we need to pray for ears to hear what God is speaking

hearing the voice of God is a mark of the true believer

it's for every believer and it's biblical

I want to show you the ways that God speaks to you according to Bible

Some of us have been missing what God is saying

because you didn't realize that's how God speaks

#1 God speaks in a still small voice

This is the most common way God speaks to us

God usually does not yell the way that I may in order to get someone’s attention

God oftentimes comes in a whisper, or a thought, or a still small voice

there's the human spirit

there's the Holy Spirit and

there are demonic spirits

Ok, how do I know if it's the flesh or a demon that speaking to me?

Simple, If it’s a demon talking in your head and telling you to do things that violate God’s word

Then you know it’s a demon

God’s Word says, don’t lie, hate, take revenge, steal…

God’s Word tells us to be holy, go to church, pray, serve the Lord…

The Word is very clear:

1 John 3:8 (KJV) He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

Let’s move on, the flesh tempts and entices you

It will drag you away from God

but the flesh does not have the ability to talk

only God and demons can talk to you

If you are hearing a voice that's talking against the things of God, that's a demon

that's not God

the Holy Spirit will speak in your mind and press thoughts on you in a still small voice

It will be in the way that you know whether it's a human spirit or the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit will whisper to you things you would not otherwise have thought of

if you get a thought, that you're like wow!

This happens when I'm preaching and teaching the Word of God often

I get a really good thought I could never come up with on my own.

that that was the Holy Spirit speaking to me

example, have you ever been impressed by God to give money or something to someone and your flesh said, “no way! I need that money, I need this thing” that is usually God speaking to you to go and bless someone.

Some people get and impulse to bless someone and they run through their mind of how benevolent they are and how God is going to bless them because they gave someone 10 bucks or something. This is not from God.

Or the original thought may have come from God, but you turned it around about you.

You must be very careful about pride in your life.

When you do things to get recognition, Jesus said that you got your reward.

There’s nothing else you will receive but the happy thought that was in your head.

No reward in heaven.

No blessing from God.

You, in your own mind got your reward.

I think you scored points with God and now God owes you a great blessing.

This is extremely fleshly and evil.

Prayer: if God tells you to step out and pray for somebody

and you're uncomfortable and you just feel like you can't get away from it

then that's God speaking you

that's the difference between your thoughts and God's thoughts

as you get close to God and you get to know God

your thoughts and his thoughts become one

and you start getting on the mind of Christ

if you're sitting here in service and you get a random super imposing thought to do something good

the voice of the Holy Spirit speaks in the still small whisper

and you need to start getting in tune with that still small whisper

because this is going to set you free

you should realize God does not yell

one of the reasons why we struggle to hear him is because we're not close with him

this is what you need to understand

how close are you?

ask yourself this, how close am I to God?

the farther you get away from God the harder it is to hear the whisper

Example: remember what happened to Saul?

the voice comes out and says, “Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me?

was that a small voice?

it was a loud voice and it knocked him to the ground

why? because Saul had no relationship or closeness to God

remember sin separates us from the God

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