Summary: This is the 10th study in the study "The Hebrew Hymnal".

Series: The Hebrew Hymnal (Psalms) [#10]


Psalm 10

Psalm 10 continues in this end time theme; but this Psalm focuses on the ¡§wicked man¡¨ who will be destroyed. This Psalm describes Satan and his fate.

Psalm 10:1

Why does God let Satan cause all of these problems? Why does it seem like God just lets Satan run rampant?

Satan¡¦s Character

Psalm 10:2-13

Let¡¦s look at the many descriptions and actions of the devil found in this passage.

„© He hunts down the weak that have been wounded by his traps.

„© He leads the evil to become worse and completely hate God.

„© He actually thinks God is letting him ¡§get away¡¨ with this evilness.

„© His mouth is full of curses, lies, and threats.

„© Everything out of his mouth is evil and trouble.

„© He hides and waits for opportunity to destroy people.

„© He crushes his victims.

Satan¡¦s Fate

Psalm 10:14-18

God does know what Satan is doing. Satan has to ask God¡¦s permission to ¡§mess¡¨ with God¡¦s children and in the end Satan is going to be defeated. Not only is God going to defeat Satan; but He will be done with Satan for all eternity.

Revelation 20:7-10

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