Summary: A sermon about a topic I know very little about: contentment

What you have doesn’t matter

-----Php. 4:12

What happens doesn’t matter

----Php 4:11

What you have in Christ matters

----Php 4:13

The secret that Paul speaks about it clearly laid out for us in this passage. Paul says our stuff does not matter. Whether I have alot of it or if I have a little. If I want to be content I need to know that what I have doesn’t enter into the equation. Wealthy people are just as discontent as poor people. It is said of billionaire Jim Clark that it is "always 2am in the morning in his heart and he is wide awake."

The secret is also what happens does not matter. No matter the situation or circumstance that I find myself in it cannot affect my contentment. "In this world you will have trouble

but behold I have overcome the world." In the happenings of life the content can find peace in God. These are learned traits as Paul tells us plainly in this passage.

The secret is what I have in Christ matters. My idenity must be in Him and not in worldly stuff. I must want God so much that other the other things of the world pale in comparison. I am rich in Him. Pauls says all this chained to a Roman guard. For all of us who are chained to the myth of more of the myth of greener pastures, Paul has a secret of us.

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