Summary: A committed Christian seeks to apply God's Word to his daily life.

In any bookstore you will find a number of books which tell you how to invest your money. Really, investing your money in buying these books is what makes the authors rich.

But there are two questions we must ask about such books: First, is it reliable? Second, is it useful for me? The problem with most of these books is they assume you have a big wad of cash just waiting to invest. That doesn’t help me. I need a book that speaks to where I’m at.

Now, if you show me a book that’s proven to be reliable and useful, I’ll buy it and read it; and so would you - maybe. The fact is, most of us own a book that has been proven to be totally reliable. And, this book is useful to every person, right where they’re at. Yet, strangely, it often sits neglected. I’m talking, of course, about the Bible. It is a book that is totally reliable and useful for every person.


Most of us own several copies of the Bible in different translations. But the Bible is not a good luck charm. Having a copy in a prominent place in the house will not rub off on a family. Like any book, the Bible will profit you only if you read it, study it, and apply it to your life.

The committed Christian recognizes the value of the Bible. As a result, he gives his allegiance to God’s Word. God’s Word always has the final “say” in his life. This is seen in the fact that . . .

1. He shares God’s Word boldly – v. 16a

The committed Christian is unapologetic about sharing God’s Word with others . . .

A. Because he is convinced of it’s powerful inspiration.

The committed Christian is convinced of that what Paul tells us here is absolutely true, that just as I am breathing out the words I am sharing with you, the Bible was inspired from the very heart of God.

Though our purpose today is not to focus on the evidence for the Bible’s inspiration, allow me to share four interesting facts with you point to the Bible being “God breathed.” Though it is popular today to insist that there is conflict between the science and the Bible, I want to use four examples from science that illustrate the Bible’s inspiration.

Example #1: Up through the 19th century doctors and scientists believed that many ailments and diseases were a result of the human body having too much blood. Barber shop poles are red and white striped, not because it’s candy cane, but because the red stripe signified that you could go there to be “bled”. Doctors would prescribe that you go to the barber to be bled! When George Washington became ill, his doctors bled him 3 times, the 3rd time they removed almost a quart of blood, and he died! But now, science knows, it’s the blood that fights diseases and brings nourishment to repair tissues and promote growth and health. Just like it says in Leviticus 17:11 (NLT), “the life of the body is in its blood.” How is it that this fact is found in the Bible, centuries before what is commonly accepted about the importance of blood was discovered? All Scripture is God breathed!

Example # 2: In the 14th century, the black plague decimated Europe, as 1 in 4 people died! But when it came to an end, it wasn’t the scientists and doctors who brought the plague under control, it was the church. The church applied a principle that was unheard of in that day, but which we take for granted today - quarantine. That principle is taught in Leviticus 13:46 (The Voice), “As long as the disease persists, he will be unclean. He must live alone, outside the camp, away from the rest of the community.” How did Moses understand the principle of quarantine? All Scripture is God breathed!

Example #3: Ancient Egyptians believed that the earth was supported by 5 marble pillars. The Greeks believed earth rested on the shoulders of the god Atlas. Hindus believed the earth rested on the backs of elephants; and the elephants rested on the back of a huge tortoise; which was on top of a coiled serpent in the midst of a cosmic sea. But in the oldest of Biblical writings, in Job 26:7 (NIV), Job declares, “He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing.” How did Job know that perhaps 8,000 years ago? All Scripture is God breathed!

Example #4: Nobody believed the earth was round until 1492. But some 700 years before Christ, In Isaiah 40:22, the prophet said, “God sits above the circle of the earth,” (NLT). Science has always needed to catch up with the Bible. How did Isaiah know that the earth was round? All Scripture is God breathed!

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