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Summary: God expects us as parents to first make Christian disciples of the Children he has given us, instead we have sold them into slavery so that we can chase the American Dream. God is calling us out. This is the year of Jubilee.

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EXODUS 3:1-10 & LEVITICUS 25:8-18





Discipleship Defined: Embracing and Assisting in Spreading the Teachings of another.

Actively Adhering to Such Teachings and Beliefs.

So are we? Who are we discipling?

Tonight I come to with information many of you may not be aware of.

I also have some information that we all should be well familiar with; although it appears we are not living it out.

I have a lot to tell you tonight but time will not permit it.

So I intend to give you the Basics and Compel you to research it more for yourselves and act upon the Word of God.

It is neither by accident nor happenstance that this message comes to us tonight; For it is all in God’s Timing. For this is The Year of Jubilee

(Share 3 Historical Documents)

("The Ole Deluder Law" 1647 Massachusetts Bay)

(Engel v. Vitale April 3, 1962 --- Decided: June 25, 1962 )

(School District of Abington Township, Pennsylvania v. Schempp Argued: February 27-28, 1963 --- Decided: June 17, 1963)

American Public Schools were started by Christians so that everyone could read the Scriptures - Understand them and Obey them.

It has been 366 years since that took place.

50 years ago as of Yesterday we completely signed over all our Rights and Responsibilities, given to us by God, to the Enemy.

(We have been that frog put into a pot of cool water and slowly boiled to death.)

Now let us look at the Scripture found in Leviticus 25:8-18

In order to understand the term “Year of Jubilee”

This year of Jubilee was instituted by God for His people who had sold themselves into Slavery and Bondage in order that they may be Liberated from that bondage rather than to die in it and it go on indefinitely.

I submit to you today that we as Americans, Christian Americans have done the same to ourselves and to our Children and Grandchildren and do not even realize it.

In the words of a Missionary...

“We have become Slaves to those who have brought us comfort.”

But God has seen and heard--- and plans to do something about it.

Now let us look at EXODUS 3:1-10


The Cry for Help - Exodus 3:7, 9

The Cry for Freedom - Leviticus 25:8-18

Sound forth the Trumpet: Let the Freedom Cry be heard.


1- Bondage – Slavery - Time Consumed by Labor

“We have become Slaves to those who have brought us comfort.”

Just as the Israelites who sought help from Egypt

We have given to the Government that which was given to us By God so that we may live the American Dream.

But that dream has turned into a nightmare.

2 - What are our Children being taught in Public Schools?

They are NOT taught our Christian Heritage

They are taught to keep Church and State Separated

“Leave the matter of religious teaching to the family altar, the church, and the private school, supported entirely by private contribution. Keep church and state forever separate." Ulysses S. Grant's Speech 1875.

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