Summary: knowing who Jesus is is one thing, but knowing who and what He is to you is another. He must be present in your life!


People say many things about who Jesus is to them, and they have all together one thing in common, that Jesus is what they want him to be in their life. Here we have the privilege to hear this private conference which Jesus Christ, had with his disciples concerning himself. It was held in the coasts of Cesarea Philippi, on the utmost borders of the land of Canaan northward. There in a remote corner, perhaps, there was less flocking after him than in other places, which gave him the time for this private conversation with his disciples. Are you with me? Note, that Christ is here meeting with his disciples. As He’s teaching them, He asked them a question.

In putting this question about himself, our Lord made a distinction between two classes of people, the (world) and the (saints). “Whom do men say that I, the Son of man am?” These “men” that the disciples talked to, formed their opinion, their judgment of Jesus Christ according to their flesh and blood:

Listen to their conclusions: “Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.” A multiform of errors, of options was spoken of, but truth is one. A thousand lies will live together, and they will tolerate each other. In other words, a thousand false gods will stand together in the same place, but if the ark of the true God enters Dagon’s temple, Dagon must come down on his face and be dashed to pieces. Why, because “Jehovah” is God alone, He will not accept a rival. “What does Christ have in common with Belial?” Nothing, absolutely nothing, men thinks so little of Christ, but his disciples think so much of him!

Even in today time, some say as they did then:

• “He is a good man,” others say, “Nay; but he deceive the people.”

• Some say that he is divine, though not actually God.

• Others say that he has become God, though he was not always so.

A third of the company think of him as a divine man. Some agree that his teachings were admirable for the occasions on which he delivered them, but they are somewhat stale and outdated in this advanced age, while others ridicule his teachings as altogether impracticable. The doctrine of flesh and blood concerning Jesus as far as they are concern. So that brings me to my first point.

I. Who Is He, And Who Is He To You?

Some say, He is a luxury and not a necessity. They say;

• It would be nice to join a church and become a child of God, but I don’t have to right now. (Everything is fine, everything’s alright)

• It would be nice to have some of this power of God, but it’s not a necessity, it’s not on my priority list right now. (I got all the power I need, I can do everything for myself)

• It would be nice to have a Christian family, a Bible believing church, but it’s a luxury that I don’t have time for right now. (I need my money, I need my career, I don’t need God right now)

Well let me tell you something:

• When your children are in jail and on death row, say He’s just a luxury!

• You walk down the hospital hallway with your unmarried teenage daughter about to give birth out of wedlock, say He’s just a luxury!

• When you uncover drugs from your child pockets when you wash their cloths, say He’s just a luxury!

• When you watch your kids get married outside the will of God time after time again, (3 or 4 times), like other people do, say He was just a luxury! You don’t have time for Him, you don’t need Him right now, until something happens in your life. Then it will be too late, to late to recover from all those years you thought Jesus Christ was just a luxury!

But there hope! I heard Him say, even thro we left him, He said that; “I will never leave you nor will I forsake you”. He said; “I would be with you even until the end of the world”.

II. Who Is He, And What Is He To You? And you may ask, why is he asking that, I’m glad you ask me, because;

* Some say, God is like a spare tire. They only use him in case of emergencies. This kind of belief is like the spare tire, you know, the worst one on the car. You know what I mean, you put it on and off at will. If this is all you think of about him, you better change it fast, because you won’t get far like that!

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