Summary: To allow the reader to witness the help that the Spirit renders on our behave.


Romans 8:26, 27

Our text bring to life the blessed effects of the Holy Spirit. I’m sure that many of you have heard and I can truly say that I have not only heard, but I’ve also preached on the blessing of being filled with the Holy Spirit. This week I will share another one of those blessings that the Holy Spirit brings with Him. That blessing is that when we cannot find the proper words to say to the Lord, the Holy Spirit will intercede and say them for us. It is like a businessman who from time to time would have to write a report to the chairman of the board of his corporation. He would write the letter and would give it to his secretary and she would read it then type it for him on the company letterhead. To his approval she would correct grammatical mistakes and misspellings, then she would send the letter off to his superiors. After doing this many times, he received a commendation for his good and timely reports that helped improve their business. Now, he knew deep in his heart that he had commented on a few things and suggested another, but he really didn’t feel that he deserved such accolades. So he went back to the reports that he hand wrote and compared them with the ones his secretary typed and discovered that his secretary had typed not what he said but what he really meant and with the award that he received he gave it to her with and award of her own. This story shows us just what the Holy Spirit does for us. We would pray our prayers to the Lord in our hearts being not sure of what to pray for, the Holy Spirit would intercede and say it for us.

I ask, how many of you ever felt like praying, but you did not know what to pray for or how to say the proper words to the Lord for the situation? If you are here today this sermon is for you, and to the rest catalog this sermon in your heart because the day will come when you will need it.

My brothers and sisters there are many privileges that we the Christians enjoy. We enjoy the mercy and grace of our Lord which frees us from the grip of sin. We enjoy salvation which is the crest of His mercy and grace. We are filled with His Spirit that keeps us from returning to our sinful nature and in this lesson we will study another one of those privileges. The privilege or the blessing in which we will study today is the blessing of having the Holy Spirit assisting us in the things that we should pray for. Now I hear you thinking that you do not have that problem and that is good for you, but as for myself and many other Christians from time to time I just don’t know nor can I find the words to say to the Lord concerning certain situations in my life, especially those things which are close to my heart.

So, lets get into this lesson that we might be able to understand how the Holy Spirit within us works to intercede for us.

First of all we must understand that. . .


“Likewise, the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities;”

The N. I. V. says “In the same way the Spirit helps us in our weaknesses.”

Possibly one of the most discouraging things that the Lord hears from His people is that they did it their way. I don’t know if Frank Sinatra or Joe Frazier ever had an experience with the Lord and they can sing such a song, but as for the church we cannot sing a song like that because we really know that we are where we are not because we did it our way but because we did it God’s way.

But when the Christians start saying that they achieved certain status on their own merit, it gives reason for the Lord to be discouraged simply because it was the Spirit that made all the right decisions, the Spirit that opened the door of opportunity and most importantly it was the Spirit that touched the hearts of the people who put you there in the first place. Here in the text it is letting us know that it was and is the Spirit that helps us during our infirmities. Now to look up the word infirmities it speaks of our frailness. And the Spirit helps us during our frail, feeble and our weakest time. One of the things we do not understand is that we are weak and cannot do anything by ourselves. It is the same way with a seated president. Let me give you an example; we the American people put so much stock in the presidential elections and it is my opinion that we should. But we should put just as much energy in our state and local elections as well. The reason is that it is at the local and state elections levels were we put people in that can help us or hurt us, such as the case in California with same sex marriages. We all know that the seated president is against this kind of legislation, but he is even powerless in this case because he cannot overturn it. So the president needs senators, congresspersons, governors and city council members to all agree with him on such issues. He cannot do it without their help. Likewise on the spiritual level there is nothing that we can do without the help of the Spirit. From speaking the truth to knowing the difference we need the help of the Spirit. So the Spirit helps us through this maze called life and He even leads us through it.

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