Summary: Instead of being satisfied to feel "sorry" when we miss God’s mark, we should press on to produce change in life to please Him.


Israel lamented that God’s help was missing (7:1-2). They cried about it for 20 years (7:2). Yet, they never felt the need to do anything about it other than cry and be sad for their lack of spiritual happiness during all this time. After all, no one else was any closer to God. At least they realized this and were sad.

Some believers today are in the same boat; they ralize they are distant from God, but don’t think it’s something to take action on. After all, no one else is really any closer to God either, are they?

We must change to receive God’s help.

Samuel told the people that if they were really serious about getting closer to God, they would:

I Remove What Pulls from God (3a)

A. Find God’s opinion and help first

B. Develop moral purity (Baal/Ashtaroth worship involved addicting immorality)

II Direct the Heart to God (3b)

A. Actively seek God

1 Goal oriented

2 God-centered

B. Actively serve Him

1 Serving gets us ready to know God

2 Serving loosens the enemy’s hold

III Unite With Others (4-14)

A. Prayer together (5)

B. Sacrifice and worship together (6...fasted)

C. Confession together (6….we have sinned)

D. Benefited by others(6...Samuel judged)

E. Remember shared victories (12-14)

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