Summary: We are a shameless nation that has invited the anger of God, but there is hope in Him who we have angered.


Zephaniah 2:1-3 (NLT)

I truly believe that these numbers not only represent September 11, 2001 another day that will go down in infamy. But, I believe with all that makes me a child of God, this is an emergency call (911) from God saying we are in imminent danger of losing His protection for a very long time. I pray that it not be so. “I beg God to save us; I pray that we would humble ourselves and uphold His justice.”

When I first heard the news of what had happened in New York City and Washington, DC, I was in shock. Then I remembered the number of sermons that I had preached on the patience of God. I have cried out so many times, “ How long will God allow us to turn our back on Him before we see the day of His anger?” I have seen His anger and I am sending out the call for all of us to gather together to pray, for indeed we are a shameless nation. We are a nation of greed,lust, pornography, abortion, and evil tolerance.

I was in Viet Nam and saw many who had died. But, these were soldiers, not civilians. It was in a land far, far away, not New York City, not Washington, DC. Fighting for your country is one thing but fighting in your country is another thing all together.

We want to blame someone else for what has happened here in this land that we love. God said in the day of Zephaniah, and He says today, “ Walk humbly and do what is right” We have not been doing what is right and God has had enough.

I look to the left of this passage in my Bible and I see Habakkuk 3:2b and say to God today, “In this time of our deep need, begin again to help us, as you did in years gone by. Show us your power to save us. And in your anger, remember your mercy.”

God has been so good to us, He has been so patient with us. I fear for our future, the future of our children, and the future of their children if we do not turn from our evil ways.

I was amazed at the lack of people who came to church Tuesday to pray. We had our doors opened, all the lights were on all night. I saw only a few people come to pray. What is wrong with us? Are we not people of God? Where is our fear and awe of Him?

I say to you and all that will listen to the 911 calls read and heed the Word and anger of God today and forever, AMEN! Let us do what we find in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Let us pray, pray and continue to pray until His return!

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