Summary: Just as federal agencies work to ensure our food and medicines are held to high standards of purity, God wants us to hold ourselves to His high standards of purity in living.

The creation of what we now call Ivory Soap was an accident; more air was beat into the vats than anticipated when a worker forgot to turn off the mixing machine. Later, calls for this mystery floating soap created tremendous orders. Its creation was an accident.

Holy living for us is no accident. If we are to live pure lives, we must use what God gives; otherwise we may find frustration trying to live holy and enjoy all the world has too offer a believer.

God challenges us to live apart from the futility of frustration (Eph. 4:17-19) because we are:

1.Unable to understand life,

2. Distant from vital connection with God,

3. Given over to living without restraints (i.e., past feeling guilt, seeking more unclean living).

That kind of life is inappropropriate and frustrating for believers.

We must make building a pure heart a priority in life.

1. Put Off Living Outside of Christ’s Life (20-22)

A. As Christ Himself

B. Discipleship means learning and doing Christ’s wishes

C. Stop being mistaken for an unbeliever

2. Renew the Spirit of Our Minds (23)

A. Let the Spirit work (passive); uses Scripture and leading to make us do good works, once we’ve turned

B. The renewal occurs in a way that changes everything

3. Put On New Life in Christ (24)

A. As a shirt, put on Jesus for all to see

B. Overcome evil with good (Rom. 12:21)

Pauline Case Study: Ephesians 4:25-32

Stop these actions because this is how the unsaved are expected to live:




Corrupt speech

Grieving the Holy Spirit by disobedience

Bitter living

Instead, be:

Kind; Tenderhearted; Forgiving

Just like God is. That’s our challenge for living.

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