Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A message about the importance of The Message

A Baby on the Way: Water Breaks News Breaks

Luke 2:1-20

INTRODUCTION... Incarnation of Christ

An old pioneer traveled westward across the great plains until he came to an abrupt halt at the edge of the Grand Canyon. He gawked at the sight before him: a vast chasm one mile down, from four to eighteen miles across, and more than 200 miles long! He gasped, "Something musta happened here!" A visitor to our world at Christmas time -- seeing the lights, the decorations, the trees, the parades, the festivities, the Santas, and the religious services -- would also probably say, "Something must have happened here!" Indeed, something did happen. On the first Christmas God took to Himself a real human nature.


A. The Birth of Jesus Christ happens at a specific time in history.

1) The world was being ruled by the Roman Empire and taxes were important to this Empire. A census was

needed at the command of the Emperor to make sure the Empire was receiving its due taxes.

2) Each person traveled to their home towns to be counted and so Joseph, Mary, and their ’bun in the oven’

arrive in Bethlehem to be counted.

B. The Birth of Jesus Christ happens in humble circumstances

1) I have often wondered if the birth of Jesus was like all other births... did Jesus cause her pain? Mary was

a normal woman who would have had birth pains and contractions and her water would have broken as well.

2) I know from experience that doctors tell expectant mothers and fathers that when the water breaks, the

baby needs to be born within 24 hours for the safety of all concerned. Once the water breaks, the arrival of

a new life is not far behind.

3) These verses tell us that Joseph and Mary were not in an inn or a home, but were in a manger... a barn.

Mary have birth in a barn. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords was born with the animals watching

over Him. Very humble.

ILLUSTRATION... A Way in a Manger, sermoncentral.com

During a Christmas pageant, one child had been forced to be in the program by his parents. The young teen continued to voice his concerns as they practiced. He would mutter things like "How can people believe that Jesus is the Son of God?" and "just what makes everyone believe that this is the way to heaven?" He finally said "how do we know He was the Messiah and that He was the way to Heaven?". When one small girl spoke up, "She said, "We believe it because the song said it". "What song?", the teen huffed back.

She politely said, "You know what song I’m talking about, that one that God made A WAY IN A MANGER".

C. The Birth of Jesus, though humble, is still the most important birth in the history of the world.

1) The God who created the Universe emptied Himself of all that He was and became a human being.

God became a human being like you and like me. He was God in the flesh (Philippians 2:6-8).

a) This meant that He was hungry, thirsty, tired, bored, eager, happy, sad, and all the other aspects of life that we deal with day in and day out.

b) This meant that He could face danger and even be killed.

2) This little baby would live life as a human being... that just blows the mind!


A. Once Jesus was born, the message of His arrival went out. This was the biggest news story ever. As soon as

the water broke, it was time to break the news as well!

B. The news broke about the birth of Jesus in two ways:

1) The Angelic News Network (the ANN) appeared in the fields around Bethlehem to local shepherds.

a) They told them not to be afraid, but that they had breaking news that needed to be told to all


b) The news was that in Bethlehem, a Savior had been born.

1. I would like you to notice the word that is used here. The word is ’Savior.’ The angels

described this little one as the Savior, this means that there is something that they need to

be saved from... does it not?

2. Options? What does the Bible say about these options?

a. Military: The Roman Empire that was oppressing them needed a defeat

b. Economic: The poor and needy were in need of a leader

c. Spiritual: Matthew 1:21, “He will save His people from their sins”

c) The angels also told them that this Christ-child would be in a barn. I realize that the census

brought many people to Bethlehem who would not ordinarily be there, but I am sure that the

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