Summary: God has called us to be an Overcomer, and the battle that rages is worth fighting. This sermone is a sermon of encouragement.

A Battle Worth Fighting!

Pastor Glenn Newton 11-21-99

2 Corinthians 10:2-5

This morning I want to deliver a message of Hope. I want you to know today that

no matter what trial, no matter what temptation, no matter the crisis, whatever it is that

you might face..............GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH! (REPEAT)

Our you with me this morning? I have something so much better than

Thanksgiving Turkey to share with you this morning, I know that’s hard to believe, but

it’s true. This morning won’t be your typical Thanksgiving message, I’ll have one of those

tomorrow night for the Community Service, which by the way it would be great to have as

many of you there as possible, just in case they start throwing tomatoes.............

You see, what’s neat about preaching to you, I believe God layes on my heart his

message that he wants me to give to you. Now sometimes I may do a better job of

communicating that message than others, but I can tell you that through my prayer time

and study time, this is what he wants to share with you this morning.

This week as I thought about you and prayed for you, which I do everyweek, I

was reminded that some of you are faced with some of the hardest times in all of life.

Others are being overwhelmed by the pressures of this life, others are hurting because of

finances, relationships, or health problems, ..................The fact is life isn’t easy, and as a

Christian we don’t live our life unopposed. In other words, not only is life not easy, we

have an advisory who would love nothing better than to see us destroyed.

I tell you all that because it’s the truth, but I want to share with you What You

Really Need To Hear This Morning, So as my Second grade teacher would say, OK, Let’s

put on our listening hats so we can learn......

It’s True, You have an advisary, one who would destroy you and your family, But

the Good News is The Creator God, the one who created the World out of nothingness,

He is on your side, You have the Son of the Living God, Jesus right now stands in Heaven

interceding on your behalf, You have a friend, he’s not like any other friend, his name is

Jesus, and he has done what no one could do, He has won the victory for all those who

follow him.

No matter what you face this morning, As a Christian, you can have Victory in

your life. And I’m not talking about some Philosophical type of victory, where’s it’ only

in theory. I’m telling you that this victory can be played out in your real life. I’m talking

about having Victory over Fear, Whatever kind of Fear that binds you, God wants to set

you free! I’m talking about Victory over doubt, God wants you to know without a

showdow of doubt that He will keep you, protect you, and hold you. He desires to set

you free from doubt and transform you into a great person of Faith, AND HE CAN DO


Whatever it is that keeps you from being Free, whether it’s Fear, doubt, worry,

your past, your insecurities, whatever it is, God Almighty, your Creator will set you free

and teach you how to be an Overcomer in this world.

For you that our new to the church, and to the study of God’s Word, I understand

that this concept of a Spiritual battle may be a new concept. But I’m amazed at the

number of Christians who have been in church for many years that have not understood

what is going on in the Spiritual realm.

Nola woke up in the middle of the night, which is not abnormal, she was on her

way to the kitchen for a drink of water when she noticed a shadow in the living room.......

she came running back into the room and tried to wake me up, and she says, “there’s

someone in the living room and he’s laughing, he laughing.” I said, “what in the world are

you talking about?” She pulls me into the living room, half-scarred, half-asleep, She’s

Right---- there he is, He’s laughing, kindof chuckling, The shadow stops his laughing and

says, “This family is ours, we will destroy you -- and just then two little demons race

towards Calah and Karinda’s room, Nola grabs my arm and says, “I’ll take them, you take


Nola runs to the girls room and pulls out the only weapon that works in this kind

of fight, she hits her knees and starts praying, and she pray’s and battles for protection for

our girls. I’m praying like I have never prayed before, claiming the power of the Blood of

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