Summary: Three things a Biblical (Christian) father does not do, and why he doesn’t do them.

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“A Biblical Father”

Josh. 24:15


· The role of fatherhood is under attack, like never before

· I went to the Focus on the Family website, and although today is Father’s Day, they, a Christian organization, had one small article on their homepage about father’s. To make it worse, they actually were promoting two books titled, ‘Where Women Walked’ and ‘Mom Time’ on the front page!

o Some would say, ‘Good. Father’s don’t deserve anything!’

o Let me say this, the reason the world is like it is can be credited or blamed on father’s.

§ What I’m about to say will offend some, but many know it to be true:

· “A woman is not equipped to raise a child, especially a boy, without a father, or positive male figure in their life!”

· For years, woman have done the best they can do in trying to raise godly children. But, what has it gotten us:

o Each year, over 1 million babies are aborted. The number one reason: Mom can’t afford to keep the baby by herself. She didn’t make the baby alone. She should have to raise the baby alone.

o 40% of children live in a home without a father

o 46% of teens are sexually active

o 70% of ‘hardened’ criminals are from fatherless homes

o 71% of high school dropouts are from fatherless homes

o 75% of teen suicides are from fatherless homes

o 80% of rapist are from fatherless homes

o 85% of children with behavioral disorders are from fatherless homes

o 90% of runaway’s are from fatherless homes

§ Consider the following:

o Children in a fatherless home are 3 times more likely to abuse drugs.

o Children in a fatherless home are 5 times more likely to experience poverty

o Boys living in step-parent families were almost 3 times as likely to face incarceration.

· The reason we have some many broken homes, dysfunctional families, rebellious children, and the like, is because …

o Marriage has been replaced with Shacking

o ‘Abstinence till marriage’ has been replaced with “Sex Now, Marriage Never”

o Husbands have been replaced with ‘My Man’ or ‘Sugar Daddy’

o Father’s have been replaced with ‘My baby’s daddy’

· Consider this:

o The word ‘father’ is used more than 1,700 times in the Bible

o The word ‘mother’: 328 times

o The word ‘heaven’: 582 times

o The word ‘forgive’: 108 times

· But today, we don’t have very many biblical fathers, today

o A biblical father is one that raises his children in the fear & admonition of the Lord

o A biblical father is one that doesn’t promote his children to wrath

o A biblical father is one that disciplines his children when their wrong

o A biblical father is one that give wisdom and instruction to his children

o A biblical father leaves an inheritance for his children

o A biblical father is one that has a wife before he has children

Today, we don’t have many biblical fathers!!! And, that is why we have so many ‘bastard’ children.

· “Bastard”

o Webster Dictionary: ‘A child born out of wedlock’; ‘A child of unwed parents’

o Bible uses the word ‘bastard’ three times:

§ Deut. 23:2 & Zech. 9:6 – a child born of a Jewish father and a heathen mother:--bastard.

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