Summary: Our response to God’s love is a reflection of our understanding of the redemption he has provided.

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“A Blessed Reflection”

Matthew 26:6-13

Our response to God’s love is a reflection of our understanding of the redemption he has provided.

Sunday Morning Sermon


Intro: (Start with title and text)

Sometimes life draws up pictures – The astronaut driving 900 miles to end the life of another astronaut brings one picture – here’s another, if you didn’t follow the story – she wore a diaper the whole way so she wouldn’t have to stop for bathroom breaks. Can you see this – she arrives in Florida ready to kill another woman, but because she didn’t stop for bathroom breaks – she doesn’t smell very good. I can see this – Danny taking a family vacation – first stop – Walgreens! The family has 10 minutes to pick out diapers, because it’s going to be a long trip, and they could save time, by not stopping for bathroom breaks. That’s crazy!

I don’t mean to make humor about tornado devastation – it’s not funny. But being from Oklahoma, I know that they always stick the microphone and tv camera near the person who talks a lot. This young girl was on the Radio and she was describing the sound of the tornado and the warning she had, here’s what she said: “I woke up, Mom was yelling Jesus!, and Dad was yelling TORNADO.” I get this picture in my mind about these two people who should be moving themselves to safety, arguing over the source of the trouble that is about to come. Certainly, you would prepare for a tornado differently than you would the second coming.

We often get the chance to draw pictures for people – Someone told me that the human mind is more of a museum than a debating hall – we see things in pictures.


We are so blessed to have the word of God give us pictures of Jesus in different situations. We see him at a wedding, in the temple as a child, we see him showing compassion, teaching on the lake, feeding those who were hungry and offering water to a woman at a well. We see Jesus healing and forgiving, we see him at his baptism, we see him weeping in sorrow, and showing his power over death and hell. Excellent pictures come to my mind when I think of the life of Christ. I see pictures of love, holiness, God’s glory, and God’s wisdom.

Our text this morning shows us a picture of something else – we see a picture of the blessed redemption we have. If you have your Bibles with you, please turn to


Matthew 26:6-12 (read)

I see two pictures this morning – you are going to fit into one or the other – regardless of where you are in your Christian walk, or your relationship with God.


I. A Reflection of Redemption

A redeemed person will give a reflection of that redemption to those around them. Let me say it this way – if you have been saved from something – you will act like it.

Simon, the leaper, was no longer a leaper – he was healed. Leapers were not allowed to be around non-leapers, so this inviting Jesus for a meal was a response to his healing. Martha was there too – She’s the sister of Lazarus, who was also there. Lazarus was brought back to life. John says that Mary was there as well – Mary of Bethany. Luke gives us insite to Mary he says this.

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