Summary: Blinded eyes of people, family, the church, the religious crowd, to the wonerdful work of Christ.

A Blinded City

John 9:1-41


But John, the writer of the Gospel, wasn’t just interested in one blind man receiving sight. He wanted us to "see" the metaphorical meaning of blindness. We all use metaphorical expressions like,

"I can’t see the point . . . I can see how to do it . . . I can’t see the way ahead."

Perhaps some of you feel like that today.

"I can’t see the point of life . . . I can’t see the way ahead. I am in a fog."

John probably had been present when Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount.

Matthew 5:8 says…"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God"

Now here in chapter 9 we see the story of a blind man from John’s view.

~We clearly can see this man was blind from his birth, and Jesus met his need there that day!

~Do you recall al the time in which Christ has passed by and met your need?

~What a day of rejoicing that was for you

>The Bible does not give an account of this mans age, which does not matter; we know that he has had it all his life, is there any one here in favor of being sick or having a disease there whole life? Anyone?

>Who cares what it was that you or I was caring around, we, as he are glad that it’s gone. AMEN!

**He knew he could now see as was willing to tell all that he could, sadly few believed the man.

**As we look at the text we can see that this man was blind. Amen!?

**Let us look closely and see who else in this town is blind.

1. The NEIGHBOURS were Blind. Vv.8-10

>Is this not he that sat and begged? Vv.8

>Some said this is he; others said he is like him. Vv.9

~I Love what the man was saying, they were questioning if it was really him, and he emphatically was telling them “I am he”. “I once was blind, but now I see”!

>How were thine eyes opened? Vv.10

~It is just the nature of people today to question the power of God in behalf of those that believe on Him.

**Lets see who else is blind in this town.

2. The PHARISEES were Blind. Vv. 13-16

>Notice it was the Sabbath, which was the wrong day to be doing any healing. God forbid that someone would find help in time of need.Vv.14

>This man is not of God working on the Sabbath. Vv.16

~The Pharisees are to be known as the religious people of the day. You would think they would welcome a healing of a man that had been sick his whole life.

~Instead we find them questioning that the man was even healed, and n-more concerned that the person doing it may have been a sinner.

~Do we really want to even believe that they thought this man was a sinner?

~They know that a sinner could not have done this. They were mad that it wasn’t them that received the glory for it.

**Let us see who else is blind in this town.

3. The JEWS were Blind. Vv. 18-20

>The Jews did not believe concerning him. Vv18

~They needed more proof of the matter.

~They asked the parents three (3) questions.

1. Is this your son?

2. That was born blind?

3. How does he now see?

~Questions like these are clear they even doubted the testimony of the parents, and they even questioned the power of the Lord.

**Let us look again in the text and see who else is blind in this town.

4. The PARENTS were Blind. Vv. 21-27

>They themselves were not believers of his testimony. Vv.21

~Instead of proclaiming the work of Christ, they put it back to the son for the answer, “he is of age, ask him”.

~A statement like that seems to me to put them distancing themselves from this Miracle and there son.

~Verse 22gives us that reasoning………

>The feared the Jews. Vv.22

~Just for the fact of excommunication from the Synagogue, they would not stand with there own son and the Miracle that Christ had performed for him.

~For fear of being cut off from family, friends, social ties, employment, and anything else they may have received from being a part of the Synagogue, they could not stand with there own son.

>Two times it is said by the parents, “He is of age ask him”. (21-23) and we see both time the stand of the parents.

>They tried to blaspheme the person of Jesus (calling him a sinner) to sway the mind of the man, but the more he stood firm. (24-25) The one thing that I do know is that I was blind, but now I see.

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