Summary: Jeremiah the Prophet is a man with a big heart


JEREMIAH 8:18-9:1

SEPTEMBER 28, 2003

INTRODUCTION: In his retirement, Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia. Because Jefferson trusted that students would take their studies seriously, the code of discipline was lax. Unfortunately, his trust proved misplaced when the misbehavior of students led to a riot in which professors who tried to restore order were attacked. The following day a meeting was held between the university’s board, of which Jefferson was a member, and defiant students. Jefferson began by saying, "This is one of the most painful events of my life," was overcome by emotion, and burst into tears. Another board member asked the rioters to come forward and give their names. Nearly every one did. Later, one of them said, "It was not Mr. Jefferson’s words, but his tears."

Today in the Word, March 29, 1993.

Cry(Angie Aparo)

If I had just one tear running down your cheek Maybe I could cope maybe I’d get some sleep

If I had just one moment at your expense Maybe all my misery would be well spent

Yeah.... Could you cry a little Lie just a little

Pretend that you’re feeling a little more pain

I gave now I ’m wanting Something in return

So cry just a little for me

If your love could be caged, honey I would hold the key

And conceal it underneath the pile of lies you handed me

And you’d hunt those lies They’d be all you’d ever find

And that’d be all you’d have to know For me to be fine

Yeah.... And you’d cry a little Die just a little

and baby I would feel just a little less pain

I gave now I’m wanting Something in return

So cry just a little for me

Give it up baby I hear your goodbye

Nothins goin save me I can see it it your eyes

Some kind of heartache Darlin give it a try

I dont want pity I just want what is mine

Yeah... Could you cry a little Lie just a little

Pretend that your’re feeling a little more pain

I gave now I’m wanting Something in return

So cry just a little for me

Yeah... Cry just a little for me woo ooo, could you cry a little for me

yeah, yeah

TRANSITION THOUGHT: Our text calls us to a place of deep emotion. Jeremiah the Prophet is a man with a big heart. The Power of the Text comes from the emotions of the writer, the weeping prophet. A man whose heart was broken over the plight and condition of the people he was called and is called to minister too. So, let us now look through the eyes of one who is “broken in heart” and hear and heed his call.



The people are crying and Jeremiah is listening

1. from a land far away: the illusion of exile is before him although it has not taken place yet, The Babylonian are on their way to bring the punishment God has planned for His Wayward People.

2. The People knowing that the end is near cry out to God as if to say, “Where are you??”

3. “Is the Lord not in Zion??” Is her King no longer there?

4. Verses 14 and 15 of this chapter explain where God is and isn’t!! “Why are we sitting here? Gather together! Let us flee to the fortified cities and perish there! For the Lord our God has doomed us to perish and given us poisoned water to drink, BECAUSE WE HAVE SINNED AGAINST HIM. We hoped for peace but no good has come, for a time of healing but there was only terror.”

5. Verse 16 allows us to know that the People of Israel have seen the Enemy on the Horizon! The snorting of the enemies Horses is heard from Dan!


Jeremiah has heard the cries of his people, not as just merely hearing, but really listening. His heart is broken

1. Jeremiah knows that the people lives, there very lives, are at stake.

2. His response is a word to us today, “My heart is faint within me!”

3. Jeremiah is so upset, He calls on the “Comforter,” his comforter in sorrow. Only God can comfort him he is so grieved.

4. Note the dual role of God! To the disobedient He brings terror, to the obedient he brings comfort. Jeremiah and the people share the same situation, however.


Do we listen to the cries of those around us??

1. Are people around us still crying??

2. Are lives still at stake??? Is destruction still on the horizon??

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