Summary: The funeral message I shared at my mothers going home celebration.

A Celebration of my Mother’s life

Throughout the years I’m sure I have caused my mother a lot of grief, and I’m so thankful that today I have an opportunity to GRANT HER HONOR. Her life would parallel many of the godly women in the Bible, but I’ve chosen Proverbs 31 to share with you a brief composite of how I saw my Mother as I looked back upon her life. The things I share are from my heart with the sole purpose to let you know the ways in which she impacted my life. There are many genetical characteristics I inherited from her, but these things I am going to share were things I ‘ caught” from her not thing I was taught. If someone measured my Mother by her statue, or how she looked or even what kind of work she did, they would have never really known her, Here are three things that impacted me about her life.


A. as a wife; dad never had to worry; she endured the mastoid operation; many times of poverty; dad going into business for himself and all the pressure from that; I never knew a time when my mom did not stand by my dad;

B. As a mother; v13-15; many time as children and I’m sure as adults we did things to cause her grief, but she never faltered in her love or acceptance of us; she seem to always look out for our interest rather than her own; She would sew late into the night so we could have something new to wear for Easter, (my Easter outfit). V18 is a strong verse and it is where I got my point, she slept, but that does not mean that. It means that when the days were the darkest her lamp, her character never faltered. In short she NEVER faltered in her journey.

2. I NEVER SAW HER FAINT IN ADVERSITY. V19-27; Some of the things described here are very difficult things to attempt, let alone carry out, but this woman in Proverbs did not faint when the difficulties came and neither did my mother.

a. In the two fires; lost everything they owned not once but twice; and Henry said he never heard her complain. I can’t fathom losing everything one time let alone twice and yet she did not faint.

b. In sickness; with my dad; when his John Deere place burned; and in the midst of all of this she had a family she was raising and a job she was working and she never fainted in face of her adversity;

c. In death; she had a brother and a sister to die tragically and she never fainted in the face of this adversity; v25 is a strong statement about Mother; Strength and dignity were her clothing; in the latest adversity of the last few years, she would say “I just want to do the right thing”; AND SHE ALWAYS WANTED HER FINGERNAILS PAINTED; she looked well to the ways of her household, she set an example of:

1. Not faltering in her journey; 2. Never fainting in the face of adversity;

3. She DID NOT FADE TOWARD THE END; Why? V30; She knew her resource in a personal way. She was a woman of faith a believer who was dependant upon the Lord; note her Bible at the nursing home; and how she impacted others; Read Nan’s tribute. And today we are v28; and now Mother I want to say this, Many daughters have done well, but Mother you have excelled them all” and now you are going to hear a song about where she is right now at her journey’s end;

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