Summary: Just because God delays in answering our prayers doesn’t mean we have been denied!

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"A Certain Man Was Sick..."

Dr. E. Winson Butler

St. John 11:1-6


I. illus. I can remember her words as if it were just yesterday when she spoke. My Grandmother (Lil Granny as we called her), said to us during one of those low periods in our family, "I would rather walk with the Lord in delays even death than to walk without Him in darkness..."

Every story that relates to our Lord and His personal encounter with others is God’s way of reminding us, even though the situation we’re in makes us feel like He doesn’t know or care, it’s His way of showing His providence at the right time in the right place!

A. Mary and Martha couldn’t understand why it was taking Jesus so long to get to their home. Their brother who Jesus loved greatly was ill unto death. They were doing everything possible, even praying. Did God hear them? Does He even care? Why was He delaying His arrival and where could He be?

Sound too familar? We too find ourselves questioning God as to why and what is He waiting on. Where is our answer. Just because He hasn’t answered you right now doesn’t always mean He has denied your request.

1. This can be seen in the situation that Mary and Martha find themselves in.

Main Division

I. The Delay.

a. the circumstances surround it (1-4)

b. the character surrounding it (5-6)

c. the cause behind it (7-16)

II. The Disappointment.

d. of Martha (17-27)

e. of Mary (28-32)

f. in the Master (33-37)

III. The Death.

g. one of testing (38-40)

h. one of thanksgiving (41-42)

i. one of triumph (43-44)

Conclusion: Just because He delays & our expectations aren’t met right away, doesn’t mean God has denied meeting our need!

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