Summary: Your greatest battles, and your greatest victories, will come when you are all alone. Uses David and Goliath to encourage people to be champions.

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Story - David and Goliath

Introduction: The greatest battles you will fight in your life will be when you are alone. This also means that the greatest victories you achieve will be when you are alone.

This is also the devil’s tactic. He knows that he doesn’t stand a chance against the church (Matt 16:18). So instead he issues his challenge to one member at a time.

You notice he didn’t approach Adam and Eve about eating the fruit – he approached Eve (when she was alone).

He didn’t approach Jesus when he was with his disciples – he waited until he was alone.

REPUTATION is built in a crowd, but CHARACTER is decided when you are alone.

It is unfortunate that in all of the army of Israel, there was not one man that was willing to stand alone. An entire nation was held at bay for the lack of one.

Our nation needs a champion. Our church needs a champion. Our families need a champion. Your school needs a champion.

Fortunately for Israel – a champion showed up. David.

What made David a champion?


I used to think, isn’t it surprising that this victory was accomplished by a young man. But then, the more I got to think about it, the more I realized that it isn’t really surprising.

Everything is a giant to a kid. He was accustomed to facing things that were bigger than him.

Don’t be surprised when you face things that are bigger than you. Look around… If you’re the biggest thing around in your life – you’re in the wrong place.

Champions are little people.


David had been accustomed to spending time alone. He was a shepherd.

Not only that, he probably felt lonely at times… His brothers were the shining stars… He was even an afterthought to his own dad.

Champions are overlooked people.


While David’s brothers were off to war, making the headlines – David was tending sheep. But he had the right perspective… It may not have been where he wanted to be – but he realized that it was only preparation for what God had for him.

A lot of times we don’t recognize the importance of today. Don’t recognize the power of small things in our lives.

Champions have taken small steps.


One of the most important factors in David’s success is that he had a purpose. Samuel had already anointed him to be king.

Champions are called, not created.


One thing that we know about David is that he had a relationship with God. The Psalms reveal that he loved to worship and pray. The 23rd Psalms (The Lord is my shepherd…) lets us know that David thought about God even while he was tending sheep.

When you rely on God, you are willing to step out with whatever you have on hand. David didn’t say “I come to you with a sling and stone”. That wasn’t really even in his mind. He said, “I come to you in the name of the Lord…”.

Champions have more on the inside than on the outside.

Champions make champions


Later in life, David had a group of men with him that we call “David’s Mighty Men”. What is interesting is that they were all men that life had passed over… Most of them had been in trouble. But after spending time with David, they became champions. Take a look at some of these men… (2 Sam 23)

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