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Summary: How Jesus changes every aspect of who you are even the area of our finances

A special thanks to Mike slaughter web site for the sermon Idea and insight to these powerful scriptures

The first 2/3 of life we exchange life for dollars

The last 1/3 of life we exchange dollars for life.

Hebrews 13: 5-6 We are rewired to be content and confident in Jesus!

The Following are the signs of His DNA beginning to Sanctify us wholly.

1.V: 1-3 tells us we are wired for Love, a love that takes us out of our comfort zone

2.V: 8 Tells us we are wired for consistency and Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever

3.V: 4 Tells us we are wired for intimacy and purity with God and our spouse

4.We truly have a new DNA that is penetrating every area of our being

Heb. 13: 5 It doesn’t say keep from having money or earning money, it says from loving money. Poverty is not to be sought after because we are called to be stewards of the resources of God.

1. A wrong source: We look to money to bring contentment and to bring confidence

2. A wrong relationship: We allow money to take the place of Jesus. Your New DNA will oppose this.

Does your DNA (Demonstrate, Non-Negotiable, Attitudes of Jesus)? OR Does it show your confidence in your money? Confidence is the real issue in these scriptures.

Psalm 71:5 OH how bless I was to grow up not with a lot of money, but with a lot of God

Isaiah 32: 15-18 Tells of the fruit of His DNA living in my life and what the by-product can becomes in my life.

We are to view one another with a new confidence not by the money we make but by the competence of our lives in Jesus. A new confidence will develop in our community as our change becomes more evident.

2 Cor. 3: 3-6

Show This change: Confidence turned into Competence

1.V: 4-5 Our competence (our know how does not come from man) but by His Spirit

2.V: 6 Our competence (Ability) stays as long as it is grounded in the Spirit. The danger is we can decieve ourselves to believing we are capable in our own flesh to do that which takes the spirit to get done.

I John 4: 17 This is the confidence that I will have when I die and I meet the one who has been living inside of me, then face to face.

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