Summary: a look at Joshua’s most famous statement

A Christian family is a:

-----1) Responsible family

verse 15-"But as for ME and MY house"

Dt. 6:4-9

Eph. 6:4

Eph 5:23; Col 3:18;

-----2) United family

"But as for me AND my house"

2 Cor 6:14ff

1 Kings 11:1-2

-----3) Determined family

you serve who you want "BUT as for me and my house"

Luke 14:25-35

Christian families take responsiblity for their own spiritual condition. Joshua said, "as for me and my house." It is not the responsiblity of the church, or the pastor to "make" you home a Christian home. If there is a male in the home, it is up to him to take the lead and say, "as for me and my house." Christian families are ones that don’t walk in the value system of the world but live lby Kingdom values. The scriptures listed above will help you flesh out this truth.

Christian families are united families. Divided homes where some follow Christ and some don’t are difficult places. Preachers lets always shout out the truth of 2 Cor. 6:14. May we never compromise that because if we do we are only contributing to the divorce rate. Much OT trouble came when people married outside of the family of God.

Christian families are determined families. Very few personality characteristics are as important as the ability to stay the course and be detemined. Much is in Scripture about pressing on and working out your salvation. Few things in life can replace a persistent person. Through all the ups and downs of family life, a Christian family must be resolved to follow Christ and be obedient to His ways.

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