Summary: A Patriotic message chronicling the Christian founding of this great nation and how we need to stand for God during these hard times

A Christian Nation

Psalm 33:12

Psalms 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

Recently a national radio talk show host and a listener were talking about Christianity in America

As the conversation continued the host, an avowed agnostic said

Why do Christians think they had anything special to do with the founding of this country

Anybody who reads history books knows Christianity was no more involved in America’s founding than any other religion

Unfortunately and inaccurately that seems to be the prevalent thought of many Americans today

This is typical to what our country in some ways has come to

The truth doesn’t matter any more

But I like to say

The truth has no agenda

It is simply the truth

But the truth is we are a nation that has been shaped by the Judeo-Christian principles found throughout the Bible

We are a Biblical nation from our very roots

But are we a Christian nation?

If being a Christian nation means that everyone is a Christian, or acts like a Christian, or that all of our national decisions are based on Christian principles

Then no, we are not a Christian nation

But if it means that Christianity was the overwhelming majority of our Founding Fathers

And if its influence is undeniably seen in our nation’s Founding Documents

And that Christian ethics and moral codes were accepted as the rule for our social order

Then yes, we are a Christian nation

Certainly those throughout America’s history were not timid about this fact

So is God part of America’s heritage?\

There is much confusion over our nation’s heritage

There is much confusion over the beliefs of our founding fathers

Today it is popular for uniformed people to say that the founders were not Christians

One of the first acts of the United States Congress was to authorize the printing of 20,000 Bibles for the Indians

The men who founded our country clearly tied it to Christian principles

Syndicated columnist Don Feder stated

By today’s standards the founding fathers were the religious right

In 1779 after the First Amendment was written the Supreme Court stated the following

By our form the Christian religion is the established religion

And all sects and denominations of Christians are placed under the same equal footing

Tim Lehaye says that Christian consensus is easily verified by the fact that prior to 1789

(the year 11 of the 13 states ratified the Constitution)

Many of the states still had constitutional requirements that a man must be a Christian in order to hold public office

52 of the 55 Founding Fathers who worked on the Constitution were members of orthodox churches

The Legislature of New York declared in 1838

This is a Christian nation

99/100ths if not a larger proportion of our whole population believe in the general doctrines of the Christian religion

In a report delivers by the House and Senate judiciary committees on March 27, 1854

They said that if the founders would have known that there would be an attack against Christianity

They would have strangled the revolution in the cradle

Wonder what they would think today?

Even the Supreme Court in 1892 declared in the court’s opinion the United States was a Christian nation

We could do this all night

This information is not fiction

It is all facts of history

Anyone can research

But we are living in a time of confusion and misinformation

We as a nation are confused about where God belongs

As time goes by, we are pushing God further and further out of society

What did our Founding Fathers fight and die for?

What did they lay their lives on the line for?

Benjamin Franklin stated

Gentlemen, we must all hang together, or surely we will all hang separately

They were risking their lives for what they believed in

Did they do this so that one day women could have the choice to dispose of the inconvenience of a mass of tissue

AKA murder the innocent baby within her body

Jesus said “Let the children come unto me”

Did our founding fathers fight for the rights of perverts committing an abomination

Literally could be translated as something disgusting

Did they fight for the education of our children in humanistic beliefs?

Did they fight for more government control

To take away our ability to express our Christian beliefs in the public arena?

Did they fight so that Muslims and Atheists could have more rights than Christians?

That is what our children are being taught in the schools

Where as our education system gone?

Prior to the Civil War 90% of all of America’s College Presidents were preachers of the Gospel

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, William and Mary and Columbia were founded by Christian preachers

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