Summary: What is the Christians responsibility in politics?

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"Nothing that is morally wrong can be politically right."

William E. Gladstone William E. Gladstone

British Liberal Prime Minister, Statesman (1809-1888)

I. Christians must be engaged

- When the righteous increase,

- We must be part of the process

A) Lies Christians are told

1. We are told there is a separation of church and state

2. We are told politics will corrupt our faith

3. We are told not to preach politics from the pulpit

II. Christians must be informed

- Do you know the candidates voting record

- Do you know what promises they have made

- Do you know their current positions

- Do you know about past statements

- Do you know how their positions will affect the country

III. Christians must be engaging the country with the gospel

- In our local community

- In our state wide community

- In our national community

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