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We often hear wise men say, "Those who are not able to remember the lessons of history are bound to repeat the mistakes of the past." Yet, few seem to mine the rich reservoir of riches found in Christ during Christmas. The following are several guidelines in helping us remember all that we are, have, and will inherit through the birth of Jesus Christ.

1. Remember that Jesus existed before the beginning of time. \

A. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." (John 1:1) Christ's pre-existence gives Him the right to do whatever He wants with everyone.

B. Jesus was always in heaven indicating that He is the supreme originator of every good thing. (John 3:13)

C. Jesus had glory with the Father before the world was created. (John 17:5) No one deserves greater glory, honor or adoration than Jesus Christ.

2. Remember Christ's birth was foretold by great men of God

A. Isaiah prophesied of Christ's birth. (Isa 9:6)

B. Moses prophesied of Christ's birth. (Deut. 18:15)

C. The Angel Gabriel prophesied of Christ's birth. (Luke 1:26,33)

3. Remember Christ was born in humble circumstances

A. Christ was born in a lowly stable because there was no place for Him in the local inn.

B. Christ was laid in a manger where animals fed.

C. Christ became poor so that we through His poverty might become rich.

4. Remember Christ's compassion toward sinful mankind

A. Christ came to earth during a time of great turmoil to rescue all people from death, destruction and hell

B. Christ came to earth because of His love for the WHOLE World. (John 3:16) God so loved the world.

C. Christ had compassion on the multitudes because he rightly saw them as sheep without a shepherd. (Matt. 9:36-38)

5. Remember Christ's Entrance to the World Came Through a Believing Virgin

A. God chose to use Mary, a humble servant who was willing to be used of God in whatever way He chose.

B. God chose to use Joseph as the protecting Father because he knew Joseph would not desert Mary in her time of need despite the accusations that came from their community

C. God chose to use the wrath of Herod to work a miracle. The Lord often uses the wrath of men to bring Himself greater praise

6. Remember that Christ came into the world during some of history's darkest hours

A. Christ came into a world dominated by polytheistic - vile Roman rule

B. Christ came to a people who rejected Him because He posed a threat to the Pharisaical religious leaders of the day

C. Christ came to his own and they received Him not because He did not live up to THEIR expectations

7. Remember Christ's priorities for coming into the world

A. Christ came into the world to provide forgiveness for sinners who would ask Christ to be their Savior

B. Christ came into the world to rescue people groups from the self-destruction of sin

C. Christ came into the world to serve and not to be serve and to give Himself as a ransom for many

D. Christ came into the world to set an example for reaching the whole world through His great commission of Matthew 28:19,20 - Go into all the world and make disciples of all people groups."

8. Remember Christ's concern for the Microscopic as well as the Macroscopic issues of life

A. Christ balanced His concerns for little things in the light of His bigger perspectives and purposes

B. Christ never lost sight of forest for the trees

C. Christ never gave into the daily burdens and discouragements

D. Christ used little things to help people prove their faithfulness in order to determine who could be trusted with greater responsibilities.

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