Summary: God’s invitation to Jesus’ birth.

A Christmas Presence - Mary

December 9, 2007

Luke 1:26-38

The Bible declares that when the time was right - God the Father birthed Jesus his Son into our world.

And when He did - like all proud Fathers do - He got the word out.

God the father declares to some specific people that His son - Jesus has been born.

Hey, John


Wise Men

Some shepherds and some others.

"A baby’s been born. He is Christ the Lord. You will find him - Go and see."

Last week, we said that God was specific in who He told

Intentional in who found out.

Direct in wanting certain people

And purposeful in not letting certain others know initially.

God the Father desired that a wild card prophet be there. (John)

God the Father invited the religiously curious to be there - those interested in spiritual matters to come and

The Magi came.

He also invited some outsiders - some shepherds. A people group most others chose to ignore or glance away from.

And He also selected a young teenage girl - a quiet and pious girl to be the one through whom His Son would be born. When the baby Jesus was born into our world, God the Father - through His control of bright stars, angels and His Holy Spirit got the word out.

For God wanted each of them to know.

He wanted each of them to be there.

He invited them to be a Christmas Presence for Jesus.

And each of them responded to His Divine Birth Announcement.

They came.

They brought themselves. They sacrificed something to make the journey to be present for the life of Jesus Christ. And together they formed for baby Jesus - that first Christmas community.

Last week we looked at the first of these 4 people - John the Baptist, we acknowledged that John wasn’t actually in Bethlehem for Jesus birth but was present to Jesus while each of them was in their mom’s womb.

John while in the womb - confirmed to his mom Elizabeth and to Mary that indeed - the Christ child was on the way.

While in his mother’s womb, he was already beginning the ministry that would envelope his life. A ministry of preparing others for Jesus.

Last week we said John did 3 specific things to help people prepare themselves for Jesus.

He invited people to -

Come out to him in the desert/wilderness.

Come in to get away from their normal busy lives.

Come into the waters of the Jordan River - being washed clean of the past given hope for the future.

And then John sent them back. Back to living where they had come from living life anticipating Jesus’ arrival.

This was John’s gift.

His present he brought/gave to baby Jesus.

John gave his life to preparing others for Jesus-

"After me will come One more powerful than I."

John’s life was lived trying to get the obstacles people had in their lives removed- so that they would be ready to receive their King.

We said - we admitted that we need Johns in our life- to clear away the fluff- to get at the important

The real stuff.

The critical issues.

And today we will see what Mary gave our God.

In Luke 1:26, p. 1589, we read a bit of her story.

The text tells us a few things about Mary-

It tells us she was a virgin- a young women who was not and hadn’t been sexually active. She was keeping herself pure, whole and righteous for her husband. This fact indicates that Mary was Godly- a righteous woman.

In verse 28- the angel describes Mary as being "highly favored." As one the "Lord is with." The text also tells us she was pledged or betrothed or engaged to a man name Joseph.

In Jewish culture- a couple that was engaged was considered legally married- even before the official wedding day. These are the facts the text gives us about Mary. But notice we know virtually nothing else about her background.

The Bible tells us nearly nothing about Mary- she is an unknown.

An unassuming young woman from an obscure village named Nazareth.

And yet God noticed her. God was with her. God wanted to involve a teenage girl.

An unknown girl.

A faithful girl to birth to the world his Son.

God uses, pursues all kinds of people. Last week a locust and honey eating camel hair wearing say it like it is prophet and this week a quiet, righteous, faithful teenage girl.

Friends- there is room for each of us to be used by our God.

After greeting Mary and calming her startled and fear filled state, the angel tells to Mary, God’s plan for her. Verse 31

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