3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This sermon talks about participation in the local church.

A Church Participating in Ministry!

Rosina Hernandez

Church history

OT to NT to today

OT priests- Ex. 28:2

Fancy clothes

High Priest

Gap between priests and the people

That “gap” exists in the church today

The preacher is the trained one of God

We’ll wait to be ministered to by him

A gap between clergy and laity

2 points about Participation

1. Every member should be, and is, a minister!

You have a responsibility to minister to those around you

The gap isn’t biblical

1 Pet. 2:5, 9; Rev. 1:5, 6

God ultimately isn’t interested in the gap

By the very definition of biblical leadership

Eph. 4:11, 12

Members should be, and biblically are, expected to participate

2. Involvement maximizes our potential!

Why do some churches grow huge and others don’t?

Mostly it’s a structure problem

Pyramid church

One guy at top ministering to everyone

Expect him to minister to more as the pyramid grows

Churches this way grow no larger than 150-200

This church is not a biblical structure

Circle church

A circle of ministry

As you grow, more circles are added

Everyone ministers to everyone

Thom Rainer- High Expectations quotes

Guy at Cingular

People not thinking of me as a pastor

I like that

Start participating in ministry

To listen to this sermon, go to www.godshere.org.

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