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Summary: There are times in our lives thta we are overwhelm by our duties and responsibilities as a Christian and we forget about God and to watch for ourselves. But God knows our life and He cares of it.

There are times in our lives taht we are overwhelm by our duties and responsibilities as a Christian and we forget about God and to watch for ourselves. But God knows our life and He cares of it.

I. Christ knows the strength of our Church (vs.2-3)

A. He knows our works (v.2)

It is clear in this verse that Christ in deed knows His people. In verse 1 of our text, Christ describes as one who walk among seven golden lamp stand. This clearly denotes that he closely observing His churches. It is said that He knows their work, it means that every good works that churches have done, he noted them and He acknowledged them. So every church must keep up their attitude like the Ephesus. The Lord especially mentioned their labors, perseverance which every church should have.

B. He knows our standards (vs.2b-3)

Chirst is also concern with the standard of our living. He expected us to be mature as one who walk among seven golden lamp stand. In verse 2b indicates their spiritual knowledge concerning the church, because they even test those people who profess to be apostles not just in knowledge but God also want us to grow in our self and the test of this is our continuity in faith (verse 3) that the church have endured and have not grown weary.

II. Christ knows the weaknesses of our Church (v.4)

A. He knows that our seal for service is gone

God is also concern with our weaknesses as a church. There are two probable cause for the word "you have left your first love" in verse 4. One reason is that every thing becomes a routine for them, the seal for the Lord is gone, a sin which most of the churches even now a days have experiences. Sometimes we are so engrossed with so much activities that we become an activity centered church not a Christ centered church.

B. He knows that are service for the brethren in gone

Another reason is implied in verse 2 that because of their strictness in testing of every people that comes to church, they become paranoid that they suspected every person up to the point that they no longer show love to their fellowmen. Yes, we need to be cautious but let us remember to show love. The Lord Christ said in the New Testament that we need to be as wise as serpent but harmless as a dove.

III. Christ knows the needs of our Church (vs.5-6)

A. He knows our need for repentance (v.5a)

Christ calls us to repent in our shortcomings. The text offers us two ways to do it: First, is to remember where we have fallen. In this verse the Lord wants us to analyze the things that we have done in the past and look at the possible reason why we have committed such mistake. This is the first step to repentance, a person cannot repent unless he knows why he has committed such mistakes or unless he acknowledge that he has done such sin.

B. He knows our need for discipline (v.5b)

The next step to repentance is to go back from the basic, "and repent and do the deeds you did at first." This verse strongly suggest that every person that repented should go back to the basic of Christianity. This basic of Christianity is founded in our love to God, so every person that has repented should go back to that perspective, every works that a Christian will do should be founded in love.

IV. Christ knows the encouragement for our church (vs.6-7)

A. He never forget our good works (v.6)

God never forget all our efforts and service to Him. Good works is necessary in order to validate our faith in God.

B. He never let our hard work be without rewards (v.7)

Rewarding for our service is one of the character of God. He never let our sacrifices be without rewards.


God is so much concern to his church that he wanted it to be perfect in His sight. A church that is blameless and upright before the Lord. This is the reason why He rebuked the church of Ephesus that they may repent from their wrong doings and regain its vibrant service to Him!

God bless!

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