Summary: If we are to imitate Christ as Paul asks us to in 5:1, we must keep our lives clean by allowing nothing to dirty the mirror that is our life so we may reflect Christ clearly.

Paul tells these people to follow (5:1), or mimic, God as they demonstrate a worthy walk (4:1) that should be part of every Christian’s lifestyle.

We must mirror God’s ideals in daily living.

Controlling My Wants (2-3)

Is my attitude one of giving, or taking (2) ?

Is what consumes me open or secret (3)?

Watch for:

Immorality’s unplanned results

Unclean living’s poisonous residue

Covetousness’ wandering mind

Controlling My Words (4)

Dirty stories “filthiness*” ?

Offensive, anti-Christian speech “foolish talking*” ?

Double-meaning humor (able to be turned easily) “jesting*” ?

*These three descriptive words are used only here in the NT. Even Paul did not dwell on examples of what specifically made up a this inappropriate speech.

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