Summary: There is a climate to see the miraculous, and as the body of Christ, we must learn how to tap into that climate in our church services, as well as in our individual lives.

A Climate For The Miraculous

Tonight, I wanted to talk to you about setting the tone for the miraculous. God desires that the church in America hunger and thirst for the things of Him, and this includes us expecting the miraculous to happen.

One of the problems in the church is that we don’t expect God to do it. We don’t expect to see the power of God work in a service. We don’t expect the glory of God to fall as we sing praises unto Him, and we have got to change our thinking. Changing our thinking, changing our expectations, changing our believing.

What would happen if we ran a 2 week add in every newspaper in central IL, we ran adds on the radio, on tv, and announced in the pulpit that God was going to be in this building 2 weeks from now, and that everyone who was sick would be healed, everyone who was bound would be free, everyone who ever doubted God’s existence would know without a shadow of a doubt that God is real. What would our church service look like 2 weeks from now?

We wouldn’t have enough pews for the amount of people that would show up. We would have to turn people away because this church could not hold them.

Can I say here tonight that God is real all of the time, God will heal all of the time, God wants to perform miracles all of time. Look how many is in here tonight. If people knew that God would show up, this church would be packed out. But what people don’t realize is that at any given point and time God can do the unthinkable. At any point there could be a rushing mighty wind. At any point a church service could be transformed so much to where nobody preaches, nobody sings, because we are all laid out under the power of God.

But you see, there is no expectation. We will start to see things once we are expecting to see things.

People usually don’t want to come to a prayer meeting because they don’t think that anything will happen, but can I just say that on the day of Pentecost, what were they doing? They were praying.

Heb 11:6

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

I Ways To Set A Climate For The Miraculous

A) God’s word doesn’t lie, ever..

1. Kathryn Kuhlman said “I knew that if I lived and died and never saw a single miracle like the apostles experienced in the book of Acts, it would not change God’s Word.. God said it.

2. Miracles are a part of God’s plan. No matter what disappointments we may have experienced in the past, it does not change the word of God.

3. Smith Wigglesworth used to say, “I would rather die trusting God than live in unbelief.”

4. God will use the realm of the miraculous to defeat the devil and draw the lost.

5. Transition times only serve to purify a vessel for a greater outpouring.

6. All this means that just because you don’t see a manifestation of the miraculous today, doesn’t mean that it will not happen tomorrow. Some of you who have been struggling for a long time, never give up.

B) We must hunger for that which is real

1. The absence of miracles should create hunger, not disappointment.

2. The last thing we need to do in life is settle for anything that is less than God’s best.

3. God’s people being content without the miraculous will work right into the devil’s plan.

4. John 14:12- he who believes, greater works he will do

5. That is a promise that says to me that I have always got to be hungry for the things of God. When I hunger for Him, believe Him, the things that Jesus did, I can do also.

6. Exodus 33: 12-18- Moses refuses to go anywhere without the presence of God

7. We don’t want to go and sit in a dead church service, we want the presence of God to be there, more than just knowing that God is Omnipresent, we want to see a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

C) We must choose a life of holiness

1. The Bible says that we live in this world, but we are not of it.

2. Holiness is an honor given to God, not a meaningless requirement of skirt or hair lengths. Holiness isn’t about a rule book, it’s a lifestyle. Holiness is doing things God’s way.

3. Hebrews 12:14

Without holiness no one will see the Lord.

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