Summary: How we can get Closer to God

A Closer Walk with God

Genesis 5:21-24

Have you ever hungered for that Closer Walk with God? If you are saved today, you have had that hunger in your hearts. A True Christian will always want to get Closer and Closer to our Heavenly Father. Just as you have the desire to be closer to your earthly Father, it is the same with our Heavenly Father. What it is going to take for us today to have a Closer Walk with our Lord? Let us take this simple but most Important Test today. Here are the Qualifications for Walking Closer to God…

1. Step One is to Know we are Saved: 1 John 5:13

2. Step Two is to Fall in Love with God’s House: Psalms 5:7 Psalms 26:8

3. Step Three is to Hate Sin: Psalms 97:10 Psalms 101:3

4. Step Four is Love the Scriptures: Psalms 119:127 Psalms 119:159

5. Step Five is to Serve the Lord: Exodus 23:25

6. Step Six is to Live a Separated Life: Psalms 1:1

7. Step Seven is to Completely Led by the Holy Spirit: Psalms 143:10 Romans 8:14

Application: The Test is simple and only you can have the answers. Do you want to have a closer walk with God today? You can and all you have to do is to follow this Seven Point Outline. You will have a Closer walk with God.

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Paul Maina

commented on Jan 24, 2014

i believe this to be the most important task for a christian and the most expensive to God, costing Him his only begotten son. The desire of many but most neglected because it involves us deceasing as he increases.

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