Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is a short outline for a sermon that encourages parents to commit their children to the Lord. This sermon provides three ways based on the text for parents to do make that commitment.

I. Introduction

a. Historical Setting

i. This was a unique time in Israel’ History

1. They were moving from a tribal confederation to a centralized dynastic state.

ii. Hannah – Means Grace

iii. Peninnah – Means Pearl

b. Hannah had a commitment to her son.

i. We need to be committed to our children’s walk with God.

ii. How can we be committed to our children’s walk with God?

II. The first way is to pray for them. (9-18)

a. The Temple of the Lord is a local temple

III. The second way is to dedicate them to the Lord. (19-28)

a. Samuel was around three years old.

IV. The third way is to praise God for what he does in their lives. (2:1-3)

a. Hannah sang praises to the Lord.

V. Conclusion

a. Samuel ministered to the Lord (2:11)

b. Proverbs 22:6 – Teach a child.

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