Summary: This message compares Judah under King Asa to the USA today. (Actually, the audio came out much different than did this manuscript)


2 Chronicles 15:1-15

* Psalms 33:12 says this, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He has chosen for His own possession.” Of all the nations which have ever been established, conceived, or made, the USA is without a doubt the greatest Nation to ever grace the face of the earth. As a superpower, our ability to change leadership without firing a shot serves as a model to the rest of the world. The ways in which we conduct business and enjoy freedom are the envy of millions of people around the world.

* In the beginning of this nation, our leaders were deep thinking men. Their intellect was unsurpassed. If you read the founding documents of this nation, you will discover that we have few, if any, who think as deeply as the likes of Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, and even Hancock. Additionally, these men were deep believers. Although modern day history attempt to cover the true spiritual roots of this nation, any self-respecting historian is forced to concede our forefathers came to this place to have and offer “religious freedom.” Their beliefs were deep enough to place at stake their lives, their livelihoods, and their families. They gave themselves to principles, ethics, morals, and yes, a belief that to succeed God would have to bless them. As is stated by many of our founding Fathers, we would need God’s hand to guide if there was to be a future for this nation.

* In just a few days, we will celebrate 232 years of independence from the King of Great Britain. When the 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence they knew the risks, they knew the situation, but most of all, they need the need of this new land.

* Today, those spiritual foundation and moorings have been all but demolished and uprooted by leaders who do not think as deeply and certainly not as spiritually. We have now become world leaders in all the things like evil, violence, immorality, etc. If something doesn’t change, God will either judge the USA or have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. We are a nation in need on a collision course with our Heavenly Father.

* Turn with me to 2 Chronicles 15. Chapter 15 relays to us a story about a good and godly King of Judah named Asa. Chapter 14:2 tells us that Asa did what was good and right in the sight of the Lord HIS God and that the land had peace for 10 years. King Asa took a good nation and made it better. He saw the needs and gave leadership to the people. Let’s read about this and learn.

* (READ TEXT) Don’t you like that last sentence? “The Lord gave them rest on every side.” Just how did that happen? It is safe to respond that they were blessed of God, just like the USA was blessed in her early days. The truth is this: I am frightened for my kids and grandkids. When I consider how this country has turned her back on Jehovah God in the last 15 years and realizing how everything is speeding up, I fear where we will be in the next 15. Some will ‘say’ that we are still under God’s blessing but I say we are in NEED of God’s blessing. Follow with me and see the truths which, I believe, God has shown to me;

1. The Conditions for God’s Blessings. Although we don’t care to admit it, God has conditions which He places on us. Just as surely as my mom and dad meant it when they put conditions on me, God gives us conditions for His blessings. There are at least 3 reminders here.

a. The Lord is with you WHEN you are with Him. When you get with God, He’ll get with you. Again, we may not like this, but it’s still God’s word. And it gets worse.

b. IF you seek Him, THEN He will be found by you. Have you ever wondered why we don’t “see God’s hand” in our lives, our church, and our nation? I remember when the first cosmonaut went into space and at that time heard that He said, “I saw God nowhere.” Then Alan Shepherd went up and said, “I saw God everywhere.” If we seek Him, He’s available.

c. IF you abandon Him, THEN He will abandon you. This blows a hole in our wishful thinking. Surely if God is a God of love, He will never abandon us. In fact, doesn’t the Bible teach that He will never leave or forsake? I did a personal search about this concept and know what I found? God will not leave you as long as & until. As long as you are following Him and until He completes His work. This is a Biblical teaching which when perverted makes God a slave.

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