Summary: Sermon deals with the superiority of the new covenant verses the old covenant. Text is Hebrews 7.

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Text: Hebrews 7:1-28

Title: “ A Covenant to beat all Others”

Series: “Oh, What A Savior”



A. It is a Priesthood of Righteousness (v.2)

1. The High priest is righteous. (2 Ti 4:8).

2. The High Priest imparts righteousness. (Ro 3:25 –26)

B. It is a Priesthood of Peace (v. 2).

1. The High Priest is the Prince of peace.

2. The High Priest gives peace.

a. Peace with God. (Ro 5:1)

b. The Peace of God. (Php 4:7).

C. It is a Priesthood of endless life (v. 16).

1. He is eternal. (1Ti 6:12; John 1:1)

2. He gives life eternal. (Joh 10:27-28)

D. It is a Priesthood that brings us near to the Father (vs. 18-19).

1. By nature we are far from God. (Eph 2:13)

2. Through His cross we are brought near to God. (Col 1:20).


A. It is a covenant with a superior guarantee (v.22).

1. There is a two-fold guarantee.

a. Jesus is the first guarantee.

b. The Holy Spirit is our second guarantee. (Eph. 1:13-14).

B. It is a covenant with a superior Power

(v. 25a).

1. The Power to save. (swzw = to rescue from danger or destruction)

2. The power to save to the uttermost. ( pantelhj completely, perfectly, utterly)

3. The power to save to the uttermost all that come to Him. (Joh 6:37).

C. It is a covenant with a superior mediator (v.25b).

1. The Old covenant had a sinful mediator.

2. The new covenant has a sinless mediator. (Heb 9:15; 1Ti 2:5).

D. It is a covenant with a superior sacrifice

(v. 27). (2 Co 5:21)

1. Notice the adjectives that describe the sacrifice in v. 26.

a. Holy = osioj = undefiled by sin, free from wickedness, religiously observing every moral obligation, pure holy, pious

b. Harmless = akakoj = without guile or fraud, harmless, free from guilt

c. Undefiled = amiantoj = not defiled, unsoiled

d. Separate from sinners = cwrizw = to separate one’s self from to depart, go away

e. Higher than the heavens = uyhloj = exalted on high

2. He was offered as our sacrifice ONCE. (efapax = once for all) (Heb 10:12)


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