Summary: All churches should have an ongoing ministry that includes every member and regular attendee

The coronovirus is going to be with us for a long time. We all have a responsibility to ourselves and our families to take it seriously and follow every precaution directed and suggested. As time goes by, the inclination to become complacent and careless will become more and more tempting.

That alone is good reason for daily reminders and suggestions. Boredom, selfishness and curiosity will surface among many to want to test the waters, so to speak. My friends, know here and now that line of thinking is of the devil and will potentially have devastating results. Right up Satan's alley, right?

One very good program that I highly recommend is for EVERY church, fellowship, assembly or group following is to develop and put into practice an every member ministry whereby committees or groups are established. Each committee is assigned a number of persons to be communicated with daily, to check on their welfare and to share encouragement. It is vital to the church body that no one is overlooked.

Training for such a ministry can be had via telephone and internet. If your church doesn't have some means of maintaining contact with EVERY member/attendee, now is the time to get that established.

Persons all over the world are subscribing to these message/devotions. It is hoped that followers will contact their individual church leaders and institute a ministry along these lines.

God Bless you and protect you! Amen

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