Summary: This sermon gives a demonstration of destiny by looking at the life of Joseph.

1. Josephs childhood

A. He was special to his dad Jacob

1. He was the eldest child of Rachel

2. He stayed close to the home

-We are also special to God

B. Joseph has revelation of his destiny

1. The dream of the sheaves

2. The dream of the moon, sun, and

eleven stars

- God has given us dreams

C. Joseph obedient to his father

1. Israel told Joseph in

Gen37:13 and he was there

2. Joseph was obedient to what his dad


-In our youth or beginnings of

our christian life we have to

be obedient

2. Josephs tribulation before his destination

A. Joseph betrayed by his brothers

1. Joseph captured by man( brothers )

2. Joseph sold into slavery

- Though God wants us to

prosper man doesnt always

have the same plan

B. Joseph the slave

1. Joseph was a slave to Egypt

2. Joseph was jailed

- Satan wants to stop us from

our destiny

3. Josephs arrives at destination

A. God starts allows blessing to follow Joseph

1. Joseph is exalted to second in


2. Joseph is respected by all men

- God has destined us for


B. God blesses Joseph with his family

1. God allows Joseph to bless his

family with food

2. God allows Josephs family to come

live with him

- God destined us to bless

others close to us

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