Summary: As a little diamond buried in the mud, there is a BIG PLAN for you! Patience.

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How precious you are to us and to the Master. I want you to are more valuable than many sparrows. Consider the Ravens....and God feedeth them: how much more precious you are than the birds. (Luke 12) For our lives consist not in abundance of the things which we dream of.

This is a message is to you, to your whole family, copy it and give it to each one.

Our enemy beats us over the head with several weapons. One great weapon he kills us with is our past. Not only what "stupid things" we have done, but also things we should have done differently. Know this, we can fail and not be a failure.

We can’t have a "pig mentality" where we keep going back to the mud. To whitewash the pump does not purify the water. We need to go to our hearts and our eyes, and submit them to the Father. We must bury the past, or the past will bury us. God is not a spare tire to just use in a crisis. At best, God is a steering wheel. Yesterday’s failures should not hinder our dreams of today.

Perhaps our greatest enemy is we fail to see God has a plan. Our best joy comes from finding His plan and giving of our effort to accomplish His plan. Many things that appear negative are teaching tools. We act like dead fish floating down stream with the current.

Few people know their purpose. If we don’t have a vision, we will keep stumbling over things that don’t really matter. (Habakkuk 2:2) We should have a plan, know the plan, write a simple directional statement of our hopes and dreams. I can’t get people to do this, so we should at least have discussions about where we are headed and develop criteria to evaluate whether we are putting forth an honest effort towards growth.

Every sport I know has some sort of goal. Every life should have goals. It is better to shoot for the moon and hit the top of the mountain, than it is to land in the mud puddle every time.

Love must see with a telescope into faith, not into a microscope to be critical and judgmental. God will hold us accountable, we can’t avoid this. But we can prepare ourselves to dream, to expect. We are much more than thermometers that rise and fall, up and down, down, down. God designed us to be thermostats, we regulate the temperature by our choices.

We can’t blame others, we are a product of our choices. No person that goes to Hell can point the finger of blame.

You and I are a sum total of our choices. Our choices today, our words, our attitudes, our tempers, our patience will have consequences years down the road of life. Ask David what deciding to play hooky from the battle will cost? 11 Sam. 11:1-3. His choice will cost him several visits to the funeral home and a trail of tears will follow him to his grave, all because of his choice to play hooky. Our choices will also effect others.

So if we don’t see the plan we’ll make unwise choices. We are not aimless drifters, we must have more than nearsighted vision that cries over today, by faith we must look ahead.

I ask you to consider, Why am I here? What am I doing? Could I do more?

The 3rd tool that the enemy uses to knock us into unconsciousness is that I am so little, insignificant, my part doesn’t matter.

Remember the story of the King that had a great feast, he would provide all the meat, vegetables, the fruits, and the desserts. Each servant was to bring the best wine, one quart, and pour it into a 500 gallon wine vat.

A little servant thought my quart can’t matter that much in 500 gallons. So he got there early and poured one quart of water into the huge vat.

All day long over 2000 men poured their quart of their best wine into the vat. In the evening the King blessed the meal.

The king took his silver chalice to the wine vat, the king opened the tap and his chalice filled with water. See, each servant thought they were so little that their little part would not matter, so the vat was filled with just water.

This is the story of the Kingdom, when God’s children see how little they are, and not how big God is. Your family means so much to the Lord. You matter. Your choices matter. Your fruit matters.

Today, I feel you need encouragement. Remember, the Father knows you by your first name. He watches over us. He has a plan for us and our family. Sometimes, life hides His plan form our vision in menial, daily dull drums, and in our littleness we lose our dreaming ability. We must know our smallness can never hide His Greatness. God shares His Glory with no man. God chooses the little.

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