Summary: There's something about a birth and birthdays that is intrinisically exciting. A new life begins,,,,,,,,


Luke 1:26-38, Matthew 1:18-25

Introduction: , There's something about a birth and birthdays that is intrinisically exciting. A new life begins, a new personality comes into existence and another creature made in the image of Go walks onto the stage of the universe. And aren't We who are parents and even grandparents sometimes as pleased as punch? Just walk around in any maternity section in the hospital and you will observe what I mean. Potential fathers, grandmothers and all the rest. And the ohs and ahs as they gaze through the glass! And then the naming and mailing lists are compiled and an announcement of the good news goes out to all and sundry. What an exciting time!

Here we have a unique and unusual birth announcement. Not only is the person born unusual, but all the participants, the timing and the announcement itself is completely outside the norm. Usually vital statistics are given. Names are announced. Ancestory is referred to.

In God's Divine Birth Announcement some very vital spiritual statistics are given. Importai ancestral information is shared. Many of the details had been established in prophecy centu- ries before. The eternal plan had always existed. (Gal. 4:4) But God has His angels give a divine birth announcement at the time of the event. A very special announcement.

I. GOD CHOOSE A SPECIAL MESSENGER TO ANNOUNCE THE BIRTH OF HIS SON. A. The Hebrew word for angel is maloch. The Greek aggelos. Both simply mean, divine mes- senger.

1. Angels are dual in nature. Initially creatures of will. But they have made an eternal choice. (Isa. 12:12-14, Eze 28:11-15, Rev. 12, Luke 10:19)

2. Gabriel's role. An extension of God's will. Spiritual messenger. In the Old Testament. The Revelation. (See 143) Cheif angel. Honour.

B. What a great honour that God has chosen you and me to be His special spirtual messengers during this season.

1. Ambassodors, Living love letters, Witnesses

2. Would not this season be a wonderful time for us to renew and catch this vision?

3. Why should it be so difficult to share the real message of Christmas Christmas? Illus. of "bringing religion into everything!"

4: Illus. of "forgive us our Christmases."

5. Caroling, Cantatas, Concerts, Bazaars, yes.. but a real sharing of the gospel? The real good news of Christmas?


(Isaiah 7:14,9 6)

A. A pure, undefiled and unspoiled vessel. With the correct connections, lineage and heritage. Birth rights.

B. Those who wish to be the vessels of grace today should have Correct connections and qualifications and birthright.

1. Born of God. John 1:9-11,3:3,3:7.

2. The right family connections are essential. Gal. 3:26, Ro. 8:14-17.

3. If we are going to be honoured vessels in the plan and service of God, we need to be aware we bear within us the seed of God. (I Pet. 1:18, I John 3:9) -

C. Need to also be aware our body is temple(dwelling place) of the Holy Spirit. (I Cor. 6:19-20)

D. Just think, How could Mary bear this great knowledge? What a calling! What a mis- sion! Think of the prenatal situations. Dangers. Subsequent parental responsibilities. Mothering the Son of the Living God. In her flesh! Of course, the power of the Holy Spirit brought it to pass. Overshadowed her etc.

E. So today. If we would holy, sanctified vessels of the Lord. Must be by the power of God's Spirit. (Zech. 4:6, II Cor. 12:9, Phill. 4:19)

F. God chose a humble vessel. Just think of how many would have gone running next door. Boasting. Some would have said, "Let me stand in limelight for a few years. Put on a big production etc."

But she held it in her heart. That's where it really counts.

We need to learn such lessons of humility. How to wait upon the Lord. (Isa. 40:29-31,1 Peter 5:7-8)


A. A man of fairness, justice and great love and compassion.

1. Joseph is a great example to all whowould be Christian husbands and fathers today.

2. In our crass world of materialism and acquisition, how we need fathers who will focus on the real important spiritual aspects of life.

3. Illus. of buying so much,..squandering in a last minute rush. In a vain attempt to express real love.

4. Illus. of fathers who will become so intoxicated. What a memory inheritance to leave children. Especially during a season that's to celebrate the greatest love gift of the ages.

B. Joseph was a man willing to believe the. impossible. Go said it. That settled it. He believed it. How easy would it have been to doubt? But Joseph was a man who could simply trust and obey. (Verse 24 Acts 5:29)

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