Summary: Adapted from a message heard 17 years ago by Dr. Ed Young...A Great way to give the entire congregation a witnessing tool.


John 3:16

(For the accompanying powerpoint -

> Tonight we begin what should be one of the most exciting weeks in the year for the HBC family. The focus is children. We should be ready at all times to share Christ, lead them to faith, & help them begin their spiritual journey, but never any more than during VBS. Candidly, among God’s people, there should always be a “soul consciousness” because so many need Him.

> But the question which should be asked is “why.” Why do we need to be reminded to be conscious of souls? Why are we, the ones given the grace of God, not more aware of those who need the grace of God?

> Within any church family exist 3 different types of members. They are the;

> 1) Authentic: they are the “real deal”, they are saved, Sure, and Showing. They know they’re saved because they not only remember the day, but they have an intimate relationship with Christ. They walk and talk with Him every day. And you know what, “it shows”; in their attitude, lifestyle, talk, and life. They know 1st hand.

> 2) Almost: these have a 2nd hand type of faith. In our minds, they look like believers, act, talk like, and even give like believers, yet they have no first hand knowledge of a relationship with Jesus Christ. These are those who say, “I’ve been in church all my life”, “I stood on the piano bench while my mom played for services”, “my grandpa was pastor for 57 years”, or even “I was born in the church.” It is not my desire to be unkind, but this kind of “believerism” is so impersonal that there is no way it is authentic, because Jesus is so up-close and personal.

> 3) Astounding: (This is my word for these) to me, this group is truly astounding! They want their children to be married in the church, they want to be buried in the church, they are church members (in name only), they have been baptized, they attend Christmas, Easter, Mother’s & Father’s day, the Sunday after a family trauma, they want the church’s support, and (as that great theologian, my mom says) they want their church membership listed in their obituary. This is one of my many weaknesses; I believe this illogical and unreasonable thinking is “astounding.”

> The question is this; exactly what does it mean to be a believer? Is there something I can “hang my hat on and tell my story?” Yes. Today I want to give you an aid.

> We live in an era when we want to be “self-made.” The shelves at the bookstores a filled with “self-help” books. Yet, in the matter of getting to heaven, gaining eternal life and abundant life, Titus 2:4-5 (But when the goodness and love for man appeared from God our Savior, He saved us — not by works of righteousness that we had done, but according to His mercy,) teaches us that HE SAVED US. We are not self-made, but God-made.

> This morning let’s begin with the one verse of scripture which may be the most familiar verse in the Bible. (text)

> I have entitled this message “A Do it yourself” message. So let’s see if we can follow instructions and walk out together ready to share our lives & Him with people

> (Give instructions about the bags and baggies)

> (Build the Power Band Bracelet)

> Please take the band of leather out. Now tie a knot in this leather about 1/3 of the way up the leather. The leather represents time, all of time, from creation to destruction.

> The knot represents your birth (Ecc 3:2).

> Now, take the black bead and put it on the long end of the band. When we are born the Bible says we are born into sin. (Romans 3:10, 23) For some, there never do anything about the blackness of their sin. Sin leads to death (Romans 6:23a). Since the payment for sin is death and this debt must be satisfied, you and I cannot take care of this debt by ourselves.

> Next, take the Red bead. This represents the blood that Jesus shed for you. Remember, sin (the black bead) is punishable by death, it is the Red bead (the blood which flowed from the death of Jesus) that atones, accounts, and pays your sin debt. This cleansing blood is available for every person. (Heb 9:22)

> Next, take the White Bead. Just as surely as my soul is black which sin and needs to have the cleansing power found in the blood of Jesus; that blood washes my soul as white I snow. I don’t understand how red blood can mix with black sin and wash me as white as snow. However, even though I don’t understand it, I still KNOW that it’s true. This is a 3 step process;

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