3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: On one side, the people could not wait to see Jesus leave. On the other side, they could hardly wait for Him to arrive. For in verse forty, we are told that Jesus ahd his discipled returned to the beaches of Capernum they were warmly welcomed by the mul

The Lord and his disciples had returned to the boats following the casting out of the veil spirits from the demon possessed man. As they began to row away from the beach towards the northeastern shores of Capernaum, perhaps they could see a crowd of frightened and superstitious Gentiles, the same time they could see the former demon possessed man once known as Legion standing alone on the beach, fully clothed and in his right mind, waving good-bye to his new Lord and Saviour. His heart was now filled with joy of being freed from the demonic possession , and he had been given a commission to tell all of the surrounding cities what had happened to him.

On one side, the people could not wait to see Jesus leave. On the other side, they could hardly wait for Him to arrive. For in verse forty, we are told that Jesus ahd his discipled returned to the beaches of Capernum they were warmly welcomed by the multitudes. what we have before us this morning is two interwoven stories that teach us some fascinating principles on faith.

I. Faith was born out of Need (41-43)

A. Jarius’s daughter was sick and he needed Christ to heal her. (42)

1. He was a ruler of the synagogue

2. His daughter was 12.

3. Casting aside all his pride, this religious leader fell on his face at Jesus’ feet, desparate for one last lifeline for his little girl.

4. Without a word, Jesus sets out for his house.

B. Women with and issue of blood.

1. On the way, Christ meet a second need.

2. This women had an issue of blood for 12 years!

3. She had been to every doctor and they only took her money and made her no better.

4. This disease had robbed her of:

a. life strength and health

b. her family (no mention of husband....in those days a man could divorce his wife if she burnt his breakie. All he would have to do it give her a written notice of intent and then publicly say “I divorce you.” 3x.)

c. her friends

d. place of worship

ceremonial unclean

1. touching the dead

2. leprosy

3. this type of bleeding

5. There was no cure for this lady!

II. Faith demands a response (44)

A. She recognized that He was THE Jesus.

In the Greek the definite aritcle appears before Christ’s name distinguishing him from all others!

B. She had to overcome some barriers.

1. Her own physical weakness

2. Her own hopelessness and despair.

3. The press of the crowd around Jesus

4. The social and religious stigma that said she dare not touch Jesus for in so doing she would make him unclean!

5. What obstacles do you have to overcome to get to Christ today?

C. After finally getting to Christ, she touched him and received something that no other that pressed upon him got that day!

The only thing we should fear this morning is that we will let Christ pass without responding in faith and reaching our to receive what he is offering!

III. Faith cannot remain anonymous (45-47)

A. She was confronted with a direct question from Christ, “Who touched me?”

B. Christ asked this question to test this women’s faith and bring her out of hiding! He did not want her to be a secret service Christian!

C. Remember, through this all Jarius is still waiting for Christ to get to his daughter before she died!

Who cared who touched you....my daughter is still sick!”

He must have started questioning God’s timing.

Remember faith means trusting in God’s care and accepting His timing!

D. Faith was never intended to be a private matter! Jesus refused to let her go on without confessing her faith. (Mat. 10:32; Romans 10:10)

IV. Faith revealed is faith rewarded (48)

A. Christ sent her away healed.

B. All because of her faith.

V. Faith holds on when reason says to give up. (49-56)

A. during this whole time, messengers come and inform Jarius that his daughter died.....imagine what went through his mind!

B. Jesus tells Jariur not to fear but to believe. It is one thing to believe for a healing an completely different kind of faith to believe for a ressurection!

C. Faith is not the belief that we will get what we wnat but the belief that God knows what is best!

D. Imagine leaving the room with a living daughter and not being aloud to tell others what had happened!


It may be that you say, “All this talk about faith is fine. It is wonderful how he healed the womand and raised the little girl back to life. But he didn’t do that for me! I’m still sick and he has not healed me. Or my loved one died, and they are gone, even though I wanted them back, too. Why doesn’t he respond that way today? The answer is that He heladed this women and he raised this child in order that we might have a new view of sickeness and death!

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