Summary: Having and developing a Christian memory.

A young child was looking at a plaque in the lobby of the church with the names of people from the congregation who had died in the military. The pastor came up to the boy and explained that the plaque had the names of people who died in the service. With wide eyes, the boy asked, “Which service, 8:00 or 10:30?”

“All of us carry memories in our hearts and when they are recalled we enter a mysterious journey. Memories live again. The past breathes again in such a way that the present is injected with new life” Abraham Lincoln


Psalmist – I remember you, O Lord.

Acts 2:42 The history of the first church

Keep doing this in remembrance of me!

He Has Written It Down read illustration- 2 Tim 3:16 All scripture is beneficial.

Your very salvation depends on you remembering where God was. That starts with were God was in Jesus.


Remember Christ. Gospels. Personal engagement with Christ through Matthew, Mark Luke and John.

If the gospels are read carefully and with a sense of expectant encounter, virtually every line can lead you into an enriched relationship with Jesus. - John 20:31

You have to behold Jesus. Its where your memory begins.

I am surrendering my life I am yours – Father in Jesus name I come to you tonight I surrender my life I will not turn back I take you off that cross my sin nailed you up there and I pick up that cross this is a moment of destiny.


Acts 17:28 in him we live and move and have our being

We can not get away from Gods presence. Everything. Even before we were born.

Psalm 139:15 – formed my inward parts and knitted me together in my mothers womb


But here is the thing – HE WANTS US TO BE AWARE OF IT

Does not have to be wow – whats the earliest memory of love, warmth, kindness?

Mary eg: Luke 2:19 Mary’s hectic life – sat down for a moment – treasured all these words and pondered them in heart.

Looking back soaks your heart in some faith – Faith soaked heart

Sit and remember your personal history with the specific purpose of discerning Gods presence.

The good that is ine each of us has to have come from somewhere – 1 Cor 4:7 Paul asks, what is it that you have that you did not receive? Remember when you got those good things and know GOD WAS THERE.

The good things are the easy things

What about the pain?

We avoid pain. BUT GOD WAS there or you would not be here!!!!

He grows us, builds us and makes as right to show Christ.

Remember how he has used you already!

Holy Spirit we know you have been with us even when we were unaware of your presence, we want to know begin recalling significant experiences and know that you O God were there. We say we know you were there ALL the time and that our pains are nothing to the pains you suffered for us. We know You know, now help us know.


Make marks as you walk.

Daily reflection

No day is empty of Gods presence.

EVERYTHING God is constantly trying to catch our attention and give us fresh glimpses of His presence.

Be aware of the nudgings and thepromptings of the Holy Spirit.

OH God we give it all up to you. Right now we remember Lord. We remember the pain of yesterday. We remember shouting to you Why Have You Forsaken Me. I can not believe you love me in all these things. Oh God I know you were there in that prison cell with me. I know you were there the day I struck my father. I know you were there the day Kevin was born, I know you were there when I drank every day into oblivion, I know you where there….say it to your Father right now come on say it..I know you were there when.

God I know you will be there at the end of this day. I know you will be there during this day. God we know this because you were there that day in 33CE.

Remember Christ in the gospels

Remember your past with the holy spirit

Mark events now as memorable events with God

An 80 year old couple were having problems remembering things, so they decided to go to their doctor to get checked out to make sure nothing was wrong with them. When they arrived at the doctor’s, they explained to the doctor about the problems they were having with their memory. After checking the couple out, the doctor tells them that they were physically okay but might want to start writing things down and make notes to help them remember things. The couple thanked the doctor and left.

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