Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We will be remembered for something, make it for your Christian walk.


Text: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10


1. Ever done something worth remembering?

a. Most of us have memories

b. Paul had memories of others who had done memorable things

2. He "continually brought to mind" the things the Thessalonians did

a. Brought to mind is a present participle and a way of saying that he remembered them often

b. Continually reinforces this idea to say that on a regular basis he remembered things they did

3. From his remembrance of them he also encourages us to do things worthy of remembering

4. He remembered:

a. Their works

b. Their imitation

c. Their repentance

5. The Lord's church here at North End ought to have a faith to be remembered by those around us

TRANSITION: Paul first of all remembered:

I. Their works

A. Paul makes reference to the triad of faith, hope, and love

1. 1 Corinthians 13:13, "And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love"

2. Paul gives immense value to each as they are the only things that seem to matter and each is interrelated

3. Faith, hope, and love, the most important qualities we can develop, depend on each other to exist

B. Works of faith

1. Works of the law cannot save us, Paul warns about this over and over

2. But we must have works of faith

a. Hebrews 11 is all about those who are justified by God because of their faithful actions on His behalf

b. James 2 clearly warns that faith without works is dead being by itself

3. The Thessalonians were remembered because they practiced their faith

C. Labors of love

1. Labors is the word used for intensive toil

2. Not just a Sunday morning worship service type effort

3. Their love for others prompted sweat on the brow type labor

a. Religion for them was not based on what it had to offer them

b. It was based on love for Jesus Christ

c. It was shown in their loving service to Jesus through service to fellow-man

D. Steadfast hope

1. Their hope was in the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ

2. He promised to lead us to the Father (John 14:1-6)

a. He's a God who cannot lie (Titus 1:2)

b. They placed trust in Him and that gave them hope

3. We can endure anything if we know it is temporary

4. They knew earthly tribulation they faced was temporary and that heaven is eternal so they could hold on

E. Because of their faith, hope, and love, Paul remembered the Thessalonians

TRANSITION: Paul then turns his remembrance to:

II. Their imitation of him

A. They imitated Paul and Jesus

1. Jesus was persecuted and remained steadfast to His teaching

2. Paul was persecuted often and kept true to Jesus

a. Philippians 4:11, "Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content"

b. Philippians 1:21-22, "For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. 22 But if I live on in the flesh, this will mean fruit from my labor; yet what I shall choose I cannot tell"

c. Despite worldly conditions, Paul preached Christ and Him crucified

3. He never let what the world did change his focus

4. He was stead-fast immovable

B. So too were the Thessalonians

1. They became like Paul and like Jesus when they "received the word"

2. They received it during tribulation

a. There was pressure on them to conform to idolatry

b. But they stood fast in the hope of the word of Christ

C. So then they are an example

1. To local congregations

a. Macedonia and Achaia, regions local to Thessalonica

b. Those close-by heard of the faith in Thessalonica and were encouraged

2. And those far off

a. Including us

b. Those who see that God can be followed even in trying times

c. Today is a difficult day for the Lord's church but no worse than for the church in Thessalonica in the first-century

d. We too can see from their example that we can lead others to Christ

D. Their example of faith, hope, and love is a pattern for us to remember

TRANSITION: Paul also remembered:

III. Their repentance

A. They were idolaters at one time

1. They turned from idols to the living true God (1:8)

2. They served idols

a. Man-made statues

b. Imaginary power

3. When they heard of the true God they turned from idols

B. Idolatry had been a problem for man for a long time

1. Cain idolized himself enough that he killed his own brother

2. Saul idolized power so that he disobeyed God

3. Israel idolized popularity and followed idols of pagan nations

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