Summary: A message of how a father should pray for his children considering the complications and moral deterioration of today. We take a look at how a godly Father (David) prays for his child's (Solomon) blessing, understanding, and his strengthening.

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A Father's Prayer

Introduction: Today is Father's Day for all you dad's it is otherwise known as . . . Sunday.

I know I've mentioned this before but its relevant more today, being Fathers Day, some of you men may remember the evangelist (Jarred Murr) pointed out during one of our fellowship breakfasts, that in his youth ministry he could literally take all the good, helpful and attentive youth and take the promiscuous and rebellious youth and note the one thing the rebellious ones had in common was simply they never had a loyal Dad, while the good youth group did. He mentioned that they didn't even have to be a good dad, the dad just had to be around, and it changed their outcome in life significantly. I have a friend who works in the prison system, who has been both a guard, and a case worker and he told me that he sees that truth every single day. An NFL chaplain said the same thing during an interview and added that many of those players who can buy everything their heart desires, who hear thousands of cheering fans on Fall Sundays look up into the stands after making a big play; hoping, wishing, praying to see, just once, their dad cheering for them, from the sidelines. They would give it all up, the fame and the money to spend one day with their dad.

I would like to preach this morning about A Father's Prayer. Not just any Father but a godly Father. If you are not a godly father, its my hope that you would like to be one. If you are one, this message will give you some encouragement and hopefully some direction. It's important to begin with the obvious, that being a father is more than making children. Let's face it, it's hard enough to find a Father who has been with their family from beginning to end, much less to find a godly father who prays regularly for his children. The nature of society and the culture begins in the home. Families make societies. When we see a society - we are seeing a collective reflection of the family.

God doesn't call us to be perfect fathers, but he does want us to be praying fathers. E.M. Bounds said “what the church needs is men of prayer.” But what the family needs is a praying father! The need for prayer today, is seen every time you open the paper, flip through a magazine, turn on the news, and you see the poor condition of morality all around us. Society is turning sin into virtue, and virtue into sin. But society begins with the family! To heal the nation we are given the prescription in 2 Chronicles 7:14

“If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.” -2 Chronicles 7:14

Notice it says "my people" yes, Israel but aplies to us as well. "my people who are called by MY name" not the atheist, secularist, agnostic, buddhist, muslim or hindu, but "MY people." will humble themselves. . . And pray. We can't seem to make it to the second step. In an old country church a pastor had 60 people coming to Wednesday night services and the pastor moved by the Holy Spirit decided to preach Sunday morning and Sunday evening, but instead of preaching he called for prayer service on Wednesday night. You want to know what happened? His congregation went from 60 to 6! He lost 90% of his Wednesday service in one week! This was decades ago! People just don't want to pray anymore!

In stead of revivalism, moral relativism is sweeping the Land! Right and wrong are determined based on our feelings, instead of the Bible. Has the Spirit of the Lord left America, like He left Samson? I hope not. But if we wake up from our slumber and realize that our strength is gone, we are in Big Trouble! Not because our enemies can overpower us, but because the Spirit has left us!

We are not a great country - We just serve a great God! The sooner we realize this the greater our country will be! Our problems can't be solved in the white house but in God's house! In Your house! In My house! By praying, seeking, turning back to God! We must stop looking to politicians (from either party) and start looking to Jesus Christ! We are always demanding prayer in schools, first we need it in our homes before we demand it in schools. We are angered about separation of church and state, what are you angry for. Your lifestyle agrees with it! who is coming to church anymore?

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