Summary: Just a few good men or women of God, standing with Him in the battle can bring a trembling to the land.

A Few Good Men

November 15, 2009 – AM

By Pastor Jim May

In times of crisis what we need are a few good men. We need someone who will stand in the face of the enemy. We need soldiers in the Lord’s Army who will stand up and be counted, and not hide from the enemy in fear with a false hope that, somehow, we will be victorious, but making no preparation fro the battle. Most of the church of today isn’t ready for a fight with the devil. They are focused on themselves and the comforts of this life. They are following a leader who has lost his way. The blind are leading the blind into the jaws of the enemy. The day of battle against the forces of Hell are upon us. The church sleeps, or bickers among its members, while Satan rises like a flood against us. What God is looking for is few good men and women of faith who will hear His voice and rise in faith. Are you among the few who are ready, watching and dressed for battle?

The date was December 7, 1941; a day that President Franklin D. Roosevelt called, “A day that will live in infamy.” Those among us who were alive on that day will never forget those early morning broadcasts over the radio, and the headlines of the newspapers that read, “Pearl Harbor Attacked”. The United States could no longer stick its head in the sand and try to ignore that the world was at war. There was an enemy out there who would not rest until every democratic nation on earth was conquered.

While many of our leaders were asleep, instead of being on guard; and Americans felt secure in their own homes, far from the battles that raged in Europe and Asia, and others went about their normal Sunday morning routines as though there were no threats, the enemy drew his plans against us; determined his greatest point of attack; and caught us asleep at the wheel.

It has been said that if we do not learn the lessons of the past, then we are destined to repeat them. And so it was in September of 2001, that we find Americans once again feeling secure from the problems that plagued the rest of the world. No one had ever invaded our land, crossed our borders and threatened our freedom. There were threats from without, but they seemed so far away. The Cold War was over, and we reveled in the idea that peace had been achieved at last. The daily threat of nuclear war was at and end and we became more complacent with each passing day.

Then, on the 11th day of September, the enemy caught us asleep at the wheel again. This time the attack didn’t come from outside our borders, but from an enemy that had been allowed to infiltrate our land and attack from within. Suddenly, and without warning, there was no safe place in America. From that day to this, no one has felt entirely secure from an act of terrorism. The day has come when we fear our own neighbors; mistrust rules the land; and Americans are searching for someone; anyone who can promise us security once again. But most of us are still ignorant of the powers of hell that are arrayed against us. The church, by-in-large, still sticks its head in the sand and tries to ignore the fact that Satan never gives up. We are too busy concerning ourselves with the comforts of this life to worry about where the enemy of our souls will attack next.

Get ready folks, it’s coming again, but this time it won’t be an attack from a foreign land that threatens to destroy our nation. It won’t even be an attack from a foreign nation that has infiltrated our land. Either of those attacks could come easily, but those aren’t our greatest dangers. Our greatest danger is ourselves. America has lost its soul if you will. The very heart of who we are, a nation founded under God, whose ideals were truth, justice and equality, with brotherhood from sea to shining sea; with a common morality that bound us together – all of which are disappearing fast. The moral fiber is broken; the goodness is nearly gone and we on the brink of destroying ourselves. We are but one short step away from anarchy and the loss of our freedoms. I am convinced that the majority of the people in this country would sell out every freedom and be controlled by the government as long as the government promises to give them what they want without having to work for it.

We have forgotten that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Somewhere, sometime and in some way, there will be a price to pay.

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