Summary: This sermon looks at six characteristics in the life of Cornelius.

Don’t you just love those U.S. Marine T.V. commercials? The ones with the finely dressed marine with his sword and at the end the commentator says all they want is “A Few Good Men”. This morning we are going to take a look at a good man. His name was Cornelius. From this passage we can identify six good characteristics Cornelius possessed.

Cornelius was a man of…

1. AUTHORITY – He was a centurion, a leader of a hundred men. Historians believe they were chosen not so much for their physical strength but for their strength of mind. This certainly appears to be true in Cornelius case.

2. PIETY – He was a devout man, which means he was devoted to the fulfillment of religious obligations.

3. REALITY – He feared God. When we realize that God is the creator of all things and as a result all things are subject to Him, we should understandably fear and reverence Him. It is evidence of acknowledging the first reality that scripture reveals.

4. GENEROSITY – He gave alms generously to the people.

5. SPIRITUALITY – He prayed to God always.

6. INTEGRITY – He did exactly as he was told in the vision without deviation. J.C. Watts, former congressman from Oklahoma was a youth minister prior to his years in public service. He told his youth group that integrity is “doing what’s right, even when nobody’s looking”.

As I look at these characteristics in Cornelius life, I think as most Pastors would, I sure would like to have a whole bunch of Cornelius’s in our Church. However there is just one little problem with Cornelius, in spite of all his goodness, he is doomed for hell and in need of a savior. Are you like Cornelius? Soon he will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Will you?

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