Summary: This is a sermon that looks at the fact that there are times, as believers, that we should be willing to take up a fight, especially when it has to do with defending the gospel.

A Fight Worth Fighting

Galatians 2: 1-10

When we consider the Christian life and the freedoms and blessings that come from such a life we must realize that there are several areas that we have to defend at all cost:

1. Our Unity.

A. Paul’s entire purpose for going before the Apostles in Galatians 2: 1-10 was to seek unity with them.

B. In John 17: 23, Jesus prayer for us is that we will be brought to complete unity.

C. Acts 2:1 says that the believers were all together in “one place,” meaning they were of one heart and one mind.

D. Unity cannot be over emphasized. The devastation that comes from a lack of unity cannot be overstated.

2. Our Freedom.

A. The gospel is about freedom: freedom from the law, freedom from sin, and freedom from spiritual death.

B. Once you began to take away freedom you have severely altered the gospel and the power of the gospel.

C. Paul wanted to make sure that the freedom from the law was not taken away because it would lead to the freedom from sin and death being nullified as well.

D. Paul is somewhat agitated with the apostles that they did not take a stronger stand on such things. We see this as he speaks of those who “seemed” to be leaders in verse 2.

3. Our Calling.

A. Paul’s questioning of the apostles was not for the purpose of validating what he was teaching but rather for the purpose of protecting what he was teaching.

B. Paul was afraid that the apostles were going to buckle on the issue of circumcision and in so doing they were going to render his race as one run in vain.

C. Paul was very clear that he was called to go to the Gentiles and he would not let anyone corrupt what God was doing.

D. Once Paul took his stand, the apostles agreed with him and backed him.

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