Summary: What makes a good father?

A Formula For Fatherhood

Ephesians 6:4

Introduction: Some have called this verse “the duty of a dad.” Others have referred it to as “the qualities of an effective father.” I just say it’s a “formula for fatherhood.”

Public images of fathers are often times not very good. They have been portrayed from a bungling Dagwood Bumstead to an irritable, sarcastic, cranky Archie Bunker. However, many fathers are an unsung hero, unpraised helper, and an unnoticed hard worker. Being a real father is one of life’s greatest privileges, and one of humanities most serious responsibilities. Its importance cannot be overestimated. A boy loves his mother, but he follows his father.

Dr. James Dobson wrote, “Good fathers are made – not born.” What makes a good father? Consider with me some ingredients that make up this formula.

I. Communication

We must learn the art of communication. Ponder all the devices we have today. We

can shoot messages around the globe in seconds, yet we can’t communicate with our children in the same house. Communicate your love, appreciation, affirmation, even disappointment.

II. Compassion

The first person in the Trinity is called “the Father”. We are to set before our children

an example of what God is like. What is He like? Read Ps. 103. God is love. God is righteous. God is just. God is forgiving. God is understanding.

III. Companionship

So many fathers spend so little time with their children. You have 168 hours in a week.

If you work a 40 hour week that leaves you with 128 hours! The greatest gift you can give your child is your time! Be at their ballgames, events, etc…

IV. Correction

Do a study of Proverbs on the subject of discipline. “One father is worth more than one hundred school masters.” George Herbert.

A Teenager’s Letter To His Parents

Dear Parents,

I am your child. You have brought me into this world and raised me to what I am today. If I am not what I should be, please don’t be too harsh with me…for I am your product. My actions advertise the quality standards of our home. Do not point at one of my playmates as an example of how I should behave. By doing so you are admitting that his parents are doing a better job than you. You say you are a Christian…yet when church time comes you make little effort to attend, giving me no encouragement to go either. You say that you love me…yet it has been years since you put your arms about me at bedtime and with tears in your eyes asked your Heavenly Father to watch over me as I slept. You seem to be more interested in my school grades than in the condition of my soul. You give me the impression that it is better to be popular than to be pure, better to be attractive on the outside than to have that “inner beauty” that comes to one who loves the Lord. So next time you feel like throwing up your hands and saying, “I just can’t do a thing with you”, please remember you have had the opportunity to influence me since I was born. “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”…that’s from the Bible. If you’re not happy with me, I’m not the only one to blame.

V. Commitment

Providing food, clothing and shelter is not enough. You must be devoted to being a

spiritual leader. Commit yourself to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Bring them to church.

Please Daddy, Let’s Go

A little boy with shining eyes,

His little face aglow,

Said, “It’s time for Sunday School

Please, Daddy let’s go!

Oh no said daddy, not today

I’ve worked hard all the week;

And I must have a day of rest

I’m going to the creek

For there I can relax and rest

And fishing is fine they say

So run along, don’t bother me

We’ll go to church some other day

Months and years have passed away

But daddy hears that plea no more

Please, let’s go to Sunday school

Those childhood days are o’er

Now that daddy’s growing old

When life is almost through

He does find time to go to church

But what does his son do?

He says old man, you’re kidding

I caroused around all night

Popping pills and smoking pot

You should have seen me fight.

The daddy lifts a trembling hand

To brush away the tears

He seems to hear the pleading voice

Distinctly through the years

He sees his small son’s wistful face

Upturned with eyes aglow

Saying it’s time for Sunday school

Please, Daddy won’t you go?

Conclusion: Mix all these ingredients together and you have a pretty good formula for fatherhood. Dad, be on duty.

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