Summary: Genesis 14

A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED (GENESIS 14) Grammar Bible (English) Tatabahasa Alkitab (Indonesian) Biblia de Gramática (Spanish) Gramatika Bibliya (Filipino) Chinese Bible (Chinese)


Intelligence has recently uncovered a new wave of church terrorism that has rapidly affected the Body of Christ. Intelligence has uncovered the names of the leaders behind this wave: Bin Gossiping, Bin Critical, Bin Absent, and Bin Sour. This fear is, that these leaders have well developed cell organizations in many churches across the nation. Intelligence also fears that there is ever more brothers in this wicked family just waiting for orders to invade.

Since our first report, we have been notified by a number of Church’s Board that they have identified four additional suspected terrorists working in different churches. Three of the four have been apprehended. Bin Sleepin, Bin Loafin, and Bin Drinkin have been taken into custody. The Associate Pastor advised us that it is very difficult to find anyone fitting the description of the fourth cell member, Bin Workin, in most churches. However, he is confident that anyone who looks like he’s Bin Workin will be very easy to spot.

Lot is described in the Bible as one who was tormented “over their lawless deeds that he saw and heard”(2 Pet 2:7), but he never left the wealthy, but worldly and wicked city of Sodom and Gomorrah. After Abram and Lot had separated their ways, their lives were again intertwined – this time because Lot’s life was in danger. Previously Lot chose all the valley of the Jordan for its watered spots and scenic views (Gen 13:10), but all came to naught when rival kings captured Sodom and Gomorrah and took all the people including women, their goods and all their food supply (Gen 14:11). Abraham the uncle risked his life, and his household with him, to save Lot the nephew.

How are you a blessing to people around you – friends and relatives? Why do we have to take action when peoples’ lives are in disaster, in disarray, or in disrepair?

Sense Possible Danger

1 At the time when Amraphel was king of Shinar, Arioch king of Ellasar, Kedorlaomer king of Elam and Tidal king of Goyim, 2 these kings went to war against Bera king of Sodom, Birsha king of Gomorrah, Shinab king of Admah, Shemeber king of Zeboyim, and the king of Bela (that is, Zoar). 3 All these latter kings joined forces in the Valley of Siddim (that is, the Dead Sea Valley). 4 For twelve years they had been subject to Kedorlaomer, but in the thirteenth year they rebelled. 5 In the fourteenth year, Kedorlaomer and the kings allied with him went out and defeated the Rephaites in Ashteroth Karnaim, the Zuzites in Ham, the Emites in Shaveh Kiriathaim 6 and the Horites in the hill country of Seir, as far as El Paran near the desert. 7 Then they turned back and went to En Mishpat (that is, Kadesh), and they conquered the whole territory of the Amalekites, as well as the Amorites who were living in Hazezon Tamar. 8 Then the king of Sodom, the king of Gomorrah, the king of Admah, the king of Zeboyim and the king of Bela (that is, Zoar) marched out and drew up their battle lines in the Valley of Siddim 9 against Kedorlaomer king of Elam, Tidal king of Goyim, Amraphel king of Shinar and Arioch king of Ellasar—four kings against five. 10 Now the Valley of Siddim was full of tar pits, and when the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, some of the men fell into them and the rest fled to the hills.

Dear Lord,

Lest I continue my complacent way, help me to remember that somewhere, somehow out there A man died for me today. As long as there be war, I then must Ask and answer Am I worth dying for?~~Eleanor Roosevelt

This chapter features war breaking out on a big scale in the Bible, four kings against five, the four superior kings (v 1) against the five subjected kings (v 2). One can only imagine the intensity, the intimidation and the impact of war with nine kings involved. “War” (v 2) and “rebel” (v 4) made its debut in the Bible. The battle took place in the Valley of Siddim (that is, the Dead Sea Valley, or Salt Sea in KJV), which was dangerously covered with tar or bitumen pits (RSV). For twelve years the five kings had been subject to Kedorlaomer, the old kingdom of Persia, but in the thirteenth year they rebelled. The war was over in a year, fourteenth year (v 15). The timeline is important because it meant Lot and his family had all the time in the world – as much as two years - to leave but they lingered. They had time to pack but they paused, and months to depart but they delayed. The roots of their coming troubled future were laid bare here. Lot’s family did not belong to the six tribes mentioned in verses 5-8. Lot had more than enough warnings to leave but he refused for some unknown reason because he could only see the geographical benefits but not the political burdens.

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