Summary: This is the concluding sermon in the series looking at the end times. And there is no better way to end it, then to take a look into Heaven the great reward for those that give their lifes to Christ.

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A Biblical View of the End Times


Revelation 21:1-27

Intro: An elderly preacher had always secretly dreaded death and was powerless to console others who were facing that prospect. Eventually he moved from the area where he had lived and ministered for most of his adult life. When all the furniture and boxes had been placed in the van, he lingered in the home where his children had been born and where he had enjoyed so many blessed hours of communion with the Lord. Just then an intimate acquaintance, which had been helping with the packing, came and tapped him on the shoulder. "Pastor," he said, "come with us; your new home is better than this one." The man didn’t know it at the time, but he had preached a powerful "sermon" to his friend. His words caused the minister to see that his home in Heaven would be far superior to the things of this world. After that, the pastor no longer dreaded dying.

As we come to the end of this series of sermons centered on the end times, I can think of no better way to end it than to end it with a sermon about Heaven: the blessed home of the redeemed. I would like for us to join John as he records the sights and sounds of that blessed place. I would like to share some of what the Bible teaches about this place where all of those who are saved by the blood of Jesus will spend eternity.


A. A Real Place

• Heaven is as real as this place we are in tonight!

• It is a real place!

• Paul was taken there - 2 Cor. 12:2-4

• John was taken there in his vision - Rev. 4:1-5:14.

• That heavenly land is as real as New York, Los Angeles, or Tokyo.

• It is a real place where a real God lives, who will be joined one day by those who are really saved. Heaven is real!

B. A Resting Place – (Heb. 4:3-11)

• The Bible tells us that we are "pilgrims and strangers" in this world right now, Hebrews 11:13-16!

• When we enter the gates of that city, we will have laid down the burdens of this existence and gone to a place of peace and rest, a perfect place where burdens cannot follow and troubles cannot come.

• When we get there, we will be home!

• It is a place to rest from our labors, our cares, our worries, our trials, everything that hindered us here will not be welcome there!

• We will rest when we get home!

C. A Residing Place

• Heaven is a place where some being make their homes.

o The angels live in Heaven.

o In fact, every glimpse into that country features the presence of the angelic host.

• God the Father dwells in Heaven.

o The redeemed of the ages will also live in Heaven with the Lord God.

o The night before Jesus went to the cross to die for the sin of the world, He gave His disciples a glorious promise.

o He told them that He was going to prepare a place for them: a mansion in His Father’s house, John 14:1-3!

o When we arrive there, we will be home in a mansion prepared just for us by the precious Lord Jesus.

o We will be forever home!


A. Glorious In Its Beauty

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